“The Walking Dead” Season Two Finale: “This Is Not A Democracy Anymore!”

Butterscocth or Pep-O-Mint?

The The Walking Dead Second Season Finale answered a few nagging questions, dropped a huge (but inevitable) revelation, and set up Season Three quite nicely.

We start where we left off, with Rick and Carl walking back to the farm after Carl dispatched Zombie Shane. It was a tender moment, and I half expected Rick to pull out a roll of Lifesavers. But when Carl asks what happened to Shane, the mood is spoiled … even more so by the giant herd of walkers sneaking up behind them!

As Rick and Carl try to escape, the gang at the farm see the herd approaching, and try to prepare for the oncoming onslaught.

It doesn’t go well.

They decide to kill as many walkers as they can, and then use the cars to lead the rest away from the farm.

Good idea … bad execution.

As the walkers descend, we get a lengthy clusterf**k, as the group members team up to hold off the herd, which doesn’t last long, leading to a free-for-all escape attempt. Meanwhile, Rick and Carl flee to the barn, where Rick decides to draw the walkers in, then torch the place. You know, I’m all for giving kids responsibility, but is it really a good idea to let the troubled boy start playing with fire? Just sayin’

Carl lights the barn ablaze, and as they climb up to the roof, they see farm hunk Jimmy approaching in the RV. He stops next to the roof, giving Rick and Carl time to jump to the RV and climb down. Unfortunately, Jimmy inexplicably failed to secure the RV door, and walkers break through and soon make a meal of the screaming glorified extra. Sad, but we all knew this was one slab of beef who wouldn’t see the finish line.

Damn! I knew I should have chosen Rock!

Speaking of which, Patricia confirms her expendable status by becoming victim #2, but for some reason Beth was spared. Maybe she won “Rock, Paper, Scissors” with the actors who play Jimmy and Patricia.

When the walker massacre dust settles, everyone has fled the farm. Andrea has run off into the woods, while Rick, Carl, and Hershel take off together, Glen and Maggie escape together, Daryl saves Carol, and Lori, Beth, and T-Dog drive off into the night.

Rick, Carl, and Hershel show up at the old rendezvous point – the highway where Sophia went missing, and just as Rick is about to tell Carl that they have to move on without Lori, everyone else shows up … except Andrea, who’s now desperately trying to make her way through a swamp of walkers.

Andrea has turned into a self-sufficient badass, but even her new found skills are no match for hoards of the undead, and she soon finds herself on the ground desperately trying to escape their clutches. Luckily for her she finds a savior, in the form a mysterious cloaked stranger with a katana who has two armless walkers in tow. Wait … what? Yeah, it won’t sound any less bizarre reading that a second time.

Someone played Bloodrayne a few too many times

The caravan is on their way down the road when Rick’s car runs out of gas. He decides that the group will spend the night where they are, and make the trek to find gas in the morning. There is a lot of whining and grumbling, with everyone afraid that another walker herd will attack, or they’ll be besieged by another Randall. That’s when Daryl pipes up and tells everyone that Shane obviously killed Randall, but it was strange that Randall turned without being bitten.

Rick decides that the time is come for the truth, and reveals the secret that Jenner whispered in his ear at the CDC last season. And that bombshell is …

Everyone Is Infected!

OMG! That’s … what we all kind of figured. But at least it’s confirmed. Everyone is angry that Rick didn’t tell them, but he explains that he wasn’t sure if Jenner was telling the truth … until Shane tuned without being bitten. That’s when he knew for sure.

Rick walks off to cool down, and is followed by Lori, who tries to comfort him, until Rick tells her about Shane, and how he had no choice but to kill him. Rick really blows this explanation big time. Instead of just telling her that it was self-defense, and how Shane set up the Randall escape in order to lure Rick into the swamp to kill him, he also includes unnecessary exposition, such as “I just wanted it to be over,” and “I wanted him dead.” TMI, Rick!

Lori is horrified, and pulls away when he tries to touch her. Seriously?

As the group settles in for the night around an open fire, Hershel farts, sending everyone into a panic (actually, it was just a noise in the woods, but these people are extremely jumpy). When there are rumblings about taking off, Rick finally loses it, insisting that the group stay together, and confessing “I didn’t ask for this! I killed my best friend for you people, for Chrissake!” Once again, Rick, TMI.

As the group stands around, stunned, Rick explains what happened with Shane, and then tells all of them that if they want to leave, there’s the do .. well, the remains of a door. When no one responds, he tells them, “Fine. But if you’re going to stay, this isn’t a democracy anymore.”

As we leave the stranded survivors, the camera pans up and out and focuses on a distant structure … a prison.

Phew! Well, we’re finally off the farm! But this sets up some intriguing elements for Season Three. I haven’t read the comics, but I know the prison plays an important part, as does the hooded figure (whose entrance was a little too cartoonish for me, but hopefully will be worked out before next fall.)

Will Rick become “Ricktator?” Will Andrea get along with her new friend? Will Lori be less annoying? Will Carl start torturing small animals?


ZOMBIES: Too many to count! But we saw the first “death by katana!”

HUMANS: Farm hunk is eaten, expendable woman is expendable, people confused and disorganized, sexy hero cop has had enough.

You can see the highlights below. What are you looking forward to seeing in Season Three?

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