The Week in Film: Halloween Weekend

Ho ho ho, Merry- wait, that’s not right. Gobble gobble! Happy Thanks- shoot,
that’s not right either. Ahem. *evil high-pitched cackle* Happy Halloween! Ah,
there we go. Sorry for the confusion there, folks. It happens when you try to
get a Turkey Santa Claus costume for this special day. You get confused. For
some reason, I couldn’t find one anywhere, but enough about me. And since it’s
Halloween weekend, time for scary movies! Right?

Maybe not so much. At least not new ones, as it looks like Hollywood decided too many folks were going
to be out trick-or-treating to check out a new movie this weekend. Fortunately
or unfortunately, Saw VI came out
last week and Paranormal Activity is
still in theaters scaring up big bucks (more on that later).

First up this week, we have Michael Jackson’s sold out This Is It that opened on Wednesday. This film documents Michael Jackson behind-the-scenes
rehearsals from April to June of this year, as he prepares and creates the
concert that would’ve been his concert for the summer.

If you’re a fan of Michael Jackson and can somehow get tickets, this is
definitely for you. There’s no scary or creepy factor to this movie, unless,
you know, you count the fact that he’s now kind of permanently dead and might
be like watching a ghost.

With the exception of the above, it seems like everything else coming out
this weekend is in limited release or in “selected cities” only. I’ve always
found that term funny, because unless the movie is about the history of Mormonism
and called “No Room For The Gays ” or some such, we all pretty much know which cities
are “selected” cities. Okay, enough about Mormon movies, moving on!

The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day
is a continuation/sequel to the 2000 film with lots of blood, killing,
wisecracks, and the token Hot Chick in the form of Julie Benz (from Buffy and Dexter). The film also stars Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, Billy
and Clifton Collins Jr.

Not a very Halloween-y movie, but if you’re up for some action (with a title
that made me giggle for some reason), and didn’t see Law Abiding Citizen last week, this would be your best bet … that
is if you’re near of the theatres playing it.

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