The Week in Gay Geek: Video game controversies, shirtless superheroes and more!

  • How could I not get excited about a show with"Super Big Fun" in the title:
    I’m a huge fan of G4′s Ninja Warrior, an obstacle course show which has a campy silliness, announcers with a flair for melodrama, outrageous costumes and plenty of shirtless guys. (Extra points to G4 for avoiding the subtle racism that comes up sometimes when these odd Japanese shows get adapted for American networks… yes, MXC, I’m looking at you.) So I’m pretty thrilled to hear that the network is giving us more Ninja Warrior-like shows with an upcoming programming block called "Duty Free TV", which will feature unusual shows from around the globe (though the first two new shows are Japanese).
  • Are you up to the challenge of Mount Midori?
    And speaking of Ninja Warrior, G4 is holding its second American Ninja Challenge, seeking viewers who deserve to go to Japan and represent the United States in the next Ninja Warrior competition. I’d love to see a gay man win the challenge, so if you know someone strong enough to defeat the Warped Wall or the Salmon Ladder, why not get them to send a video? It’d be great to have someone to cheer from here. (Also, I really want to know if Toshihiro Takeda is just as cute in real life as he is on the TV.)

    Okay not the best picture, but a total cutie even in a bad picture.

    The first American Ninja winner, Colin B. is pretty easy on the eyes, too:

  • The same old song:
    Sigh. As usual, we’ve got people complaining in the media about sex and violence in video games who seem to be repeating what other people are saying instead of judging the game independently. First off, the release of Bully on other platforms in the UK is bringing up all the same complaints we heard before Bully ever hit store shelves. That seems pretty silly now since most of those concerns didn’t show up in the actual game. I guess we should be glad no one’s complaining about the boy-kissing that also goes on in Bully.

    Meanwhile, the lesbian-inclusive Mass Effect has become a target for conservative pundits. It started when one conservative news site claimed claimed the game had "explicitly graphic" love scenes, with another columnist saying the game "can be customized to sodomize whatever, whoever, however the game player wishes". Bastion of journalistic credibility, Fox News picked up the story, prompting (Mass Effect publisher) EA Games to demand a correction. Unsurprisingly, Fox News’ first response was a disingenuos one. It’ll be interesting to see how that develops…

  • Matching three-of-a-kind in your satin tights, we’re so glad you’re on our side:
    Puzzle Quest and its addictive combination of color-matching puzzles and role playing game may not be available for the Mac, but now a superhero-themed puzzle/RPG blend, Spandex Force, looks likely to offer similar gameplay for Mac users. If you give it a sample, let us know in the comments what you think of it.
  • This would be a TiVo alert, but you already have a season pass for Colbert anyway… right?
    The rumor mill says that Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada will appear on the January 29th Report. While I doubt we’ll get the Colbert/Quesada interview I’d like to see (I know I could use an antidote to those fawning Newsarama interviews), those Marvel guys know how to stroke Stephen’s ego in fun ways:

  • Link of the week:
    Shirtless Supheroes has become a mildly guilty pleasure lately. Simply enough, this blog collects beefcake-y panels of hunky superheroes. Most of the site is pretty work safe … if getting caught looking at the Titans boys hanging around Tamaran in the local garb isn’t too embarrassing for you. And it’s all tagged by concept, so you can easily relive the torn costume moments from your favorite series. (And be careful when clicking on the Y: The Last Man tag. That one is definitely NSFW.)

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