The Week in Gay TV: “Brothers & Sisters” returns, TCM pays tribute to Elizabeth Taylor and ABC looks for “Happy Endings”

It’s time to take a look at The Week in Gay TV, your guide to the shows that will be battling for space on your DVR in the week ahead. This week, we’ve got the debut of the new gay-inclusive comedy Happy Endings, and the NewNowNext Awards, Logo’s ceremony to praise the up-and-coming in pop culture.

Ten years ago, the WB debuted a new take on how to bring Superman to TV, a drama that took the youthful focus of the network that gave us Buffy and Charmed and mixed it with superheroics, teen angst and young romance. More importantly, Smallville mainstreamed “hoyay”, where viewers enjoyed finding homoerotic tension in the actors’ glances and body language.

With Smallville ending in a few weeks, The CW celebrates the series by re-airing the pilot episode Friday night. When Smallville debuted in 2001, I didn’t have a WB affiliate with a strong enough signal to reach my apartment, but even I heard buzz about the levels of sexual tension between the Smallville guys. I’m looking forward for the chance to look back at the days when Pete, Whitney and Lex were a part of the landscape.

Teen Nick has new gay episode of Degrassi on Friday. Unfortunately, it doesn’t focus on Riley but Fiona, who is questioning her sexual orientation (much to the chagrin of transgender teen Adam, who doesn’t appreciate being called “the best of both worlds” by Fiona.) I’m hoping that the Degrassi writers will remember how Riley dated Fiona when he was questioning his sexuality, and a scene between the two could be very powerful. Unfortunately, I expect to be disappointed considering how bad Degrassi has been at remembering Riley’s history.

That’s not the only story that should include him this episode as jock Owen tries to make amends with his pal Anya. Even without missing multiple chances to include Riley, Degrassi might turn out to be gayer than Friday’s Gigantic, which sees Piper and Anna turn a party into a brawl.

Meanwhile, once more anglophiles have a choice of crime, fantasy or both as Syfy has the season finale of Merlin, while BBC America has a new episode of Law & Order:UK.

The latest Logo Doc is Ballet High, which follows the senior class of Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet School as they struggle to juggle dance and schoolwork. Instead of college, these students are worrying about getting accepted at a good dance company, or else face the possibility of having spent all that tuition and hours of practice for nothing.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a movie with a sense of camp, the Syfy channel has a new original movie. Ferocious Planet stars John Rhys-Davies as part of a team that must escape a hellish dimension after a device meant to look at parallel worlds goes wrong. Edie McClurg joins Elvira for a screening of  Untamed Woman on Movie Macabre.

BBC America also has a new Being Human while Hellen Mirren will be hosting this weekend’s Saturday Night Live. I sure hope there’s a sketch where she’s haunted by the ghost of Dudley Moore.

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