The Week in Gay TV: George Takei leads a trio of “Supah Ninjas”, HBO plays “A Game of Thrones,” and “30 Rock” turns 100

It’s time once again for The Week in Gay TV, your look at what’s coming up in the week ahead and which shows will be trying to get space on your DVR. This week sees the return of CW’s Friday night line-up, the debut of HBO’s new fantasy drama A Game of Thrones, and the return of Teddy Montgomery in new episodes of 90210. The TV schedule is certainly picking up as we get closer to May sweeps.


The countdown to the end of one of The CW’s definitive series begins Friday with a new episode of Smallville. The series returns to the mirror universe as Clark gets pulled into that dark world where he was raised as a Luthor and not part of the Kent family.  This time, he meets with the mirror universe version of Jonathan Kent, while his colleagues have to face Clark Luthor one more time. If only Smallville never had the bad idea of killing off Jonathan, we could have avoided a second trip to the mirror universe to have Clark do his compare-and-contrast assignment about his many possible fathers.

This is the first of the final five episodes of Smallville, which will bring us Booster Gold, The Blue Beetle and the return of Zod. In its ten seasons, Smallville transitioned from monster-of-the-week stories to offering an entertaining take on the DC Universe, and these will be our final chances to see the CW adapt these characters.

“What’s that up there?”
“Looks like a
Final Destination homage.”

Friday also brings a new Supernatural as Fate comes to earth looking to take care of people who were saved from their um, fates of dying on a plane headed to Paris on the Titanic. (The Titanic? Does this episode happen in the past? I thought that wasn’t happening until next week.) While she’s taking care of business on earth, she decides to take care of another thorn in her side —Sam and Dean.

Horror movies centered around freak accidents such as Final Destination and The Omen are effective at scaring me. Judging from the promos, this episode sounds like it could play out similarly, so I can’t wait to see it return.

Meanwhile, the fifth season of Friday Night Lights makes its broadcast debut on Friday. This season will hint at a player being gay (spoilers at the link if you haven’t had a chance to watch this season on Direct TV) though I don’t know if those hints went anywhere.

Honestly, the critical and fan praise convinced me to check out this show. While I see the series’ quality, a drama frankly portraying the realities of a small, Texas town where football dominates the local culture just isn’t the kind of story that makes me tune in week-to-week. Still, even if the show isn’t for me, it certainly has its gay fans.

I don’t usually look to Nickelodeon for programming nowadays, but the kids’ network new action comedy series Supah Ninjas does have the amazing George Takei. The series follows a kid who discovers a secret dojo after his grandfather (Takei) dies and learns that he comes from a line of ninjas. Guided by a hologram of his grandfather, he and two of his friends decide to take on crime-fighting.

Meanwhile, the latest Logo Documentary takes a look at the world of male models with Pretty Boys. I’m curious if this documentary looks at how difficult it is to succeed as a model, how a pretty face is dime-a-dozen in that industry and how the demands for a model to look a certain way can get pretty specific. (I mean, who remembers how a pre-90210 Matt Lanter got called pudgy on Bravo’s failed reality series about male models, Manhunt?)

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