The Week in Gay TV: Kathy Griffin puts on a show, Tim Sullivan seeks a “Scream Queen” and “Beautiful People” takes a bow

Welcome to another edition of Week in Gay TV, your guide to the summer shows that are battling to
take your attention away from summer picnics, baseball and barbecue.Like you need those things anyway.

The summer season is settling in, though we still have three
debuts to anticipate this week with AMC’s Rubicon, the return of VH1’s Scream
and the return of The Rachel Zoe Project.
Unfortunately, this week also sees Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List
sign off for this season.

I don’t think Mickey’s going to have that hopeful, future-looking expression for long.

It’s been a tough season for the Maguires on Shameless, and this week things get even
worse after Jamie realizes that Joe has been hitting Mandy, and Jamie decides to hit back on
Mandy’s behalf. While the clan tries to keep Jamie from going back to jail,
things become complicated for Mickey
when he finds out which officer is assigned to investigate Joe’s assault. Worse,
it’s becoming clearer and clearer that Paddy
can’t manage the family business in his current state — which means either
Mickey or Shane needs to show that
they can take over.

That doesn’t sound like it’s going to go well.

Meanwhile, Jamie
shows up on this week’s Eureka
as a researcher who just may have an invention that could take humanity to
Mars. Of course, this is Eureka so
instead of bringing humanity to a new era of progress, it threatens to destroy
the town. Again, I wonder, is it so hard to do some small scale testing before turning on something
big enough to create major damage?

Friday night also brings more sketch comedy with a new Jeffrey
and Cole Casserole
while VH1’s concert series Friday Night Alright
brings a performance by Vampire Weekend with out keyboardist Rostam Batmanglij.

Saturday is a sad day for television as it brings the final
episode of Beautiful People. Simon quickly finds himself smitten by
the new boy at school — unfortunately, the new guy ends up joining with the
bullies who enjoy making Simon and Kylie
miserable. Meanwhile, Debbie has a
brush with fame thanks to a missing woman who resembles her.

Okay, it’s not the kind
of fame most people would choose but this is Debbie Doonan, so she enjoys it. As
much as I hate saying goodbye to Beautiful
, it certainly ends on a high note. I’m going to miss this vividly-hued, wildly over-the-top
coming-of-age comedy. Beautiful People
was a show that brilliantly packaged the youthful anticipation for the future’s
promise in a camp sensibility.

Now where will I find Olivia
on my TV? Maybe I can hope that she’ll show up on Children’s Hospital. (Which would be
apt, considering how Children’s Hospital reminds me that hospital drama created by That Mitchell
and Webb Look
‘s lazy writers.)

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