The Week in Gay TV: Kathy Griffin Takes on the Royal Wedding and USA goes hiding “In Plain Sight” again

It’s time to take a look ahead at The Week in Gay TV, looking at the shows that will be battling for your attention and for space on your DVR in the days ahead. The May Sweeps have begun and that means a pretty packed TV schedule as some of your favorite shows head to their season finale.

Friday’s TV is heavily focused on the Royal Wedding. While I’m sure there will be a good number of gay viewers tuning in, I’m not a much of a royal watcher so the focus on London mostly means Friday will be a DVR-clearing night for me.

However, there is one bit of Royal programming I’m planning on watching. The TV Guide Channel will be covering the event irreverently with Kathy Griffin’s Insightful and Hilarious Take on the Royal Wedding. Kathy will be joined by camp icon Jackie Collins as well as Chelsea Lately regulars Randy Sklar and Jason Sklar. After weeks of promos and hype for the wedding, I’m ready for some coverage that doesn’t treat the wedding so seriously. If I’m tired about hearing about William and Kate now, I expect I’ll be even more ready for Ms. Griffin’s take once it actually happens.

Yeah, this doesn’t look like it will lead to the slightest bit of hoyay, at all…

Friday also brings a new episode of Smallville as Callum Blue returns for one final battle as General Zod, though it will be Clark that will be headed to the Phantom Zone, as he and Oliver make sure that the prisoners of the Zone haven’t broken free.

Unfortunately, I’m not very excited about this reunion. Smallville frustrated me last season when Zod disappeared late in the season and his return is reminding me that it’s been a long time since we’ve seen Clark face any of Darkseid‘s minions. (I was so hoping to see Smallville‘s take on Barda, though I did enjoy Deloris Herbig as Granny Goodness.)

“Er, Dean? Is it just me or is table three looking at us like at that convention where we had to keep telling people we’re brothers?”

Meanwhile, with the end of the season for Supernatural getting closer, we finally track down Eve, the Mother of All. Too bad she’s already taken over a town. Considering how last season’s arc turned out to be a dud, I hope Eve turns out to be as compelling a villain as some of Supernatural‘s past finale baddies.

And that’s it for Friday, I told you the Royal Wedding takes up most of Friday night’s TV.

BBC America has another new Doctor Who on Saturday, as The Doctor, Lady Captain Jack River, Amy and Rory try to figure out how to stop a menace you forget about when you stop looking at them. (Are they related to the Weeping Angels?)

For the most part, I really enjoyed last week’s premiere. Then it became one of those shows I started liking less once I started reading what the press had to say about it. Once I read that the Doctor’s death at the beginning of the story was supposed to be a big shocking moment, I thought a little less about the show. It’s not like I’m going to believe they’d kill off the main character in the season premiere, so I just shrugged and wondered how they’d fix the situation.

I still dream…

Still, it’s great to see River again. I really like the little bit of pathos they’ve added to her happy-go-luck persona. It’s what I wish Captain Jack were like in the first season of Torchwood. Meanwhile, while I like Rory a lot, there’s something about Amy that still doesn’t work for me. I wish I could figure it out, because I like Amy’s history and I enjoy Karen Gillan‘s performance. Still, there’s something about Amy that fails to draw me in the way past companions have.

Saturday also brings the latest Logo Doc, Guys ‘N Divas. This documentary takes a look at three rival south Indiana high schools as they put together their winter musicals. One of the schools is creating an original musical, called Kaiulani. That certainly piques my interest since I’m guessing it’s based on the story of Princess Victoria Ka’iulani. I’ve been fascinated by the tragic story of Hawai’i’s last princess for ages, so I’m curious to see it turned into a musical.

Finally, Nickelodeon has more George Takei with a new episode of Supah Ninjas.

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