The Week in Gay TV: Lady Gaga Brings the Monster Ball to HBO, and a Walker Wedding Concludes The “Brothers & Sisters” Season

It’s time again to take a look ahead at The Week in Gay TV to find the shows that will be vying for your attention in the next several days. This week, we’ve got a lot of season finales to anticipate, including the closing chapters of Brothers & Sisters and The Vampire Diaries. This week also has sweeps specials like Lady Gaga‘s Madison Square Garden performance on HBO and the TV debut of Becoming Chaz on OWN.

Friday brings the last episode of Smallville before the big finale. With Lois and Clark‘s wedding nearing, Jor-El has a special wedding present for Lois — she gets to spend a day with Clark’s powers to understand what its like to walk in his shoes. Of course, a day like that can’t happen without any trouble and it turns out Lois has become Metropolis’ protector just in time for The Toyman‘s return. That sounds like something I’d expect in the Silver Age comics.

Meanwhile, there’s still the threat of Darkseid (remember him? I almost thought the Smallville producers didn’t) out there and Kara‘s back to try and prepare for his arrival. Meanwhile, Oliver hopes he might have found the way to remove the mark of Omega.

“Hey, my flashback story does not have a guy telling people to ‘Suit up!’.”

Smallville‘s followed by a new Supernatural that sees Castiel tell the story of the war in Heaven and how he became enemies with Raphael. I just hope he doesn’t  end the story with “…and that’s how Uriel and I became enemies,” followed by more and more stories that never get close to telling the story originally promised. At the least, we can look forward to seeing Mark Sheppard as Crowley again.

Friday also has a new Friday Night Lights as a new player joins The Lions, just in time to see things start to get really tense for the team. Meanwhile, remember how I told you about the unaired episodes of Running Wilde taking over Archer‘s time slot on fx? Apparently, people weren’t watching on Thursday night because those episodes have been moved to Friday nights.

If you’ve ever made a list of your monthly expenses trying to figure out how you’d ever find the money to afford tickets to see Lady Gaga perform, you might want to check out HBO on Saturday. The premium channel will be featuring the Grammy-winner with Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden, where she’ll perform some of her hits as well as some of her recent singles.

Lady Gaga’s various TV appearances usually turns into water cooler fodder the next day, so I’m hoping a full show multiplies the jaw-dropping factor.

Now I’m wondering if Gigolos is the creation of a trickster god. Makes sense if you start to think about it…

Meanwhile, if you can’t get to the cineplex to see Thor, the Syfy Channel is already airing it on Saturday. No, wait, Almighty Thor isn’t based on the Marvel comic but another “mockbuster”, this one starring Cody Deal as the mythological god of thunder and Richard Grieco as the trickster god Loki. I wonder if Syfy considered getting the rights do make a movie based on one of the patriotic, WWII-era superheroes who use a shield and aren’t Captain America.

Logo has its newest reality show debuting Saturday, as Pretty Hurts takes a look at the practice of “injector to the stars” Rand Rusher, who helps celebrities keep themselves looking good. That’s followed by the latest Logo Doc, Show Business: The Road to Broadway, which takes a look at what it takes to get a show to open on Broadway, specifically looking at the productions of Wicked, Caroline or Change, the ill-fated Taboo and one of my personal favorites  Avenue Q.

BBC America has a new Doctor Who Saturday and this week The Doctor, Amy and Rory find themselves on a 17th-century pirate ship that will have to try to survive getting too near to a deadly siren. I usually enjoy the Doctor Who stories where classic monsters turn out to be aliens preying on humanity, like last season’s vampires, so I’m eager to learn what this siren turns out to be.

Following Doctor Who, BBC America has the premiere of a new season of The Graham Norton Show. Graham’s first guests are former Doctor Who stars David Tennant and Catherine Tate. Finally, NBC has a new Saturday Night Live with Tina Fey returning to host.

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