The Week in Gay TV: Oxygen Starts a “Glee Project”, Current Says “That’s Gay” Again, and Fran Drescher is “Happily Divorced”

It’s time to look ahead at The Week in Gay TV and the shows battling for your
attention and for space on your DVR. The summer season is starting to
get into full swing as more summer shows make their debuts, including
Oxygen’s The Glee Project, a new season of Hot in Cleveland, as well as the debut of Fran Drescher‘s new sitcom Happily Divorced.

Bryan Safi with a rainbow and a unicorn … shouldn’t there also be some glitter?

This weekend Current TV celebrates pride with a new special collecting the best of Bryan Safi‘s
sharp and hilarious commentary about gay representation in the media
(they should create a website or two with that kind of focus), That’s Gay.
This week’s special will include Bryan’s take on the Gay Yellow Pages
and his attempt to become the latest gay to adopt a child.

If you were late to hearing about Safi’s amazing commentaries, you’ve
got a chance to catch up as Current is also airing the first two That’s Gay
specials. Even if you’ve seen them, they’re definitely worth a repeated
viewing. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of watching Bryan’s
descriptions of the different ways characters come out on TV.

I found this picture when I went to an online dictionary and looked up “incomparable”.

Meanwhile, I don’t usually pay attention to CMT’s Next Superstar but I’ll probably check in for Friday’s season premiere as the amazing Kristen Chenoweth
performs. Chenoweth is such an amazing singer and
ally, I think I’d watch her on any show that doesn’t have a “700” in it.

It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed Real Time with Bill Maher (save for the “New Rules” segment) but I’m looking forward to seeing this week’s show since Jane Lynch will be showing up for an interview with Maher and to give a dramatic reading of Anthony Weiner‘s Facebook exchanges with Bill. That sounds like it could be amazing enough to make up for my usual annoyance with the roundtable discussion.

Why haven’t we seen anyone sport an eye patch and dark lipstick on RuPaul’s Drag Race? It’s a pretty fierce look

Saturday brings the summer finale of Doctor Who, as The Doctor and Rory race to save Amy from her kidnapper. It’s a crisis that brings River Song back for what she knows will be The Doctor’s darkest hour and bring back one of his most fearsome foes. Thanks to Doctor Who being pre-empted for Memorial Day weekend, we’re able to get spoilers from the UK and not only can we anticipate the inclusion of a gay couple in the adventure, but we’ll also get some key revelations.

I was a bit mixed about last season. I certainly liked a lot of it, there were a lot of ideas that worked and I enjoyed some moments. Unfortunately, I didn’t
find myself caring about that season the way I did throughout Russell T. Davies‘ run. This season has finally met with the expectations I had when Stephen Moffat took over the show, and I can’t wait to see where things end.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new Color Splash, but David Bromstad is back on Saturday as he helps improve a master bedroom with a unique light feature. Finally, Logo has a new Pretty Hurts that sees Rand take a look at his PR efforts.

Meanwhile, Current continues to celebrate Pride Saturday with the special I’m Coming Out, the Vanguard that took a look at Uganda’s “kill the gays” bill, repeats of all three That’s Gay Specials, and Brokeback Mountain running throughout the day. That’s not the only marathon this weekend, with Hot in Cleveland getting ready to debut a new season, TV Land is airing 13 hours of the sitcom starting at 6 AM.

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