Tim Gunn’s New Book Delivers the Dish

We all know that when a celebrity writes a tell all, it often turns out to really be a "tell not very much." But if a new interview Project Runway‘s Tim Gunn did with TheFrisky.com is any indication, that definitely won’t be true about  Gunn’s new book Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons For Making it Work.

I haven’t yet read Gunn’s book, but AfterElton did get a sneak peek at TheFrisky interview and it has some very interesting and frank commentary from Gunn on a whole host of things including his father’s clandestine relationship with … J. Edgar Hoover!

Here are some excerpts.

About Martha Stewart‘s daughter Alexis: 

TheFrisky.com: There’s a lot of "don’t let this happen to you"
stories, especially about celebrities with whom you’ve interacted!
Aren’t you worried about some of the consequences of ratting out their
rude behavior?

Tim Gunn: Oh, for sure I am! I keep thinking Martha Stewart will never have me back on her show again. I mean, I love her.
It’s her bratty daughter [Alexis] who troubles me so, and especially
because Alexis is so willing to do this in public. Of course, at the
time we shot that commercial for Macy’s [in which Martha and Alexis
were hawking some of Martha's products], she didn’t have that show
"Whatever, Martha" where she picks apart her mother’s television show.
That hadn’t even happened yet. So [Alexis has] taken it even further
than when I saw her. Somehow, Martha has become an enabler: she may not
be happy with the behavior, but she never once flinched during the
whole outburst.

On the possibility his own father was a closeted gay man:

TheFrisky.com: You book
doesn’t just criticize the behavior of celebs — you write about your
own family, too, including where you say that you believe your father
may have been a closeted homosexual in a relationship with J. Edgar
Hoover. Are they going to be happy about that?

Tim Gunn: (In gloom-and-doom voice) They haven’t read it yet. 

TheFrisky.com: How do you think that’s going to go?

Tim Gunn: My deathly ill mother, if she’s still alive next Tuesday, she won’t be by Wednesday.

TheFrisky.com: Oh, I’m so sorry!

Tim Gunn: (laughs uproariously) She’s not going to like it.

On calling out this season’s Project Runway contestants over Gretchen‘s bullying: 

TheFrisky.com: So, let’s talk
"Project Runway." So far this season, Gretchen has been really cruel to
the other designers, talking behind people’s backs and saying that she
would stand up for her group-mates during judging, but then totally
selling them out. I was so happy in the last episode when you
raised your voice at all the designers and told them they had to stop
putting up with Gretchen’s bullying behavior.  She totally deserved to
get called out! Was that the first time in "Project Runway" history
that you injected yourself into the designers’ social drama?

Tim Gunn: Yes.
That absolutely is. I have never done that before and I will be honest
with you, I asked permission to do it. I have a role in that scene
[after the judging] saying "Go to the workroom and clean up your
space." That’s why I said to A.J. [the designer who was sent home last
episode instead of Gretchen], "I want you to hear this." Because I also
wanted the whole team to know that I was disappointed in all their
behavior. They allowed Gretchen to bully them and direct everything.
When I saw how the teams lined up and who there players on the teams
were, I thought, ‘Oh, God, it’s so easy to say it’s going to be the
Christopher-Gretchen-A.J. team that’s going to win and the other group
is going to be the biggest losers.’ And then to watch it all happen —
this is why I say truth is stranger than fiction. You can’t make this
stuff up. I was just so disappointed that they allowed Gretchen to
design/direct the entire thing and basically not allow them to be who
they are as designers. The behavior that Gretchen demonstrated on the
runway during that Q&A with the judges is about as close to
psychosis as anything I have seen on the show. 

It’s a great interview and I highly recommend you go read the entire article at TheFrisky.com!

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