Tim Macavoy’s “Brit Bits”: “The Gemma Factor” Flunks, “Plan B” Gets an A and more!

Hello and welcome to my new biweekly column Tim Mcavoy’s Brit Bits! You may remember me from such video blogs as Gay in the UK where myself and co-host Ryan vlogged about all things from the United Kingdom.

What? You missed Gay in the UK? Well, in that case allow me to introduce myself. I’m Tim Macavoy, a gay culture junkie from London, Ingerlaaaand. It will be my job to tell you what’s gay on our telly, who’s been queering up the news and relating other hijinks I generally find myself in. Coming up this week, new Who, an orange man, and are you a friend of Dorothy’s?

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about my choice of picture, that’s me trying to finish a book I was reviewing for another website, whilst simultaneously rehearsing for a Shakespeare tour I was acting in – which should give you some indication of the variety I like in my life.

This week I found myself quaffing ale (that’s English for drinking) on the terrace of the Houses of Parliament. Now I have to be careful about what I say, because I was there just as me, and not as a journo (politicians don’t take kindly to dictaphones and cameras in their private bars) but I caught this lovely evening shot looking over the river.

I was invited by openly gay Member of Parliament Adam Price (who I hope doesn’t get in trouble for asking half of SoHo along to his final night in office.) We successfully turned the House of Commons into a gay bar for the night. Chris Bryant, Member of European Parliament, also joined us. Chris was in the news recently for his civil partnership which took place inside the Parliament building – the first of its kind after the laws were changed allowing such an event. This also means that anyone can now be married in this beautiful setting, and places will be accorded with a lottery system.

Doctor Who returned to our screens this week – a little less gay. Welsh gay Emperor Russell T Davies has passed the Tardis (and role of executive producer) on to Steven Moffat. The ever flirtatious David Tennant has regenerated into Matt Smith and, as far as we know, Captain Jack will not be returning to DW.

Still, a new series is always a momentous occasion for geeky gay fanboys (what me?) and the first episode looks promising for the rest of the series.

The Eleventh Doctor takes some time to settle into his skin, exploring his taste buds with some British classics before settling on fish fingers and custard (and if you really believe that’s what we eat, shame on you).

Matt Smith

His first maiden in distress, and subsequent companion, is little Amy Pond. When the Doctor first meets her she is a little orphaned girl from Scotland, living with her aunt in an English village. Naturally, there is something troubling living in Amy’s house. The Doctor promises to help her, after giving the new Tardis a test drive, but accidentally returns twelve years later. Amy has grown up into a flame haired “kissogram”, but is still ready to believe in the Doctor when he comes back to fight off those pesky aliens.

In fact Amy Pond is so ready that she has agreed to go travelling with him in the Tardis, as long as he gets her back in time for tomorrow – her wedding day!

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