To Make a Long Story Short … Alan Cumming’s gross-out, no Wilkommen for Cruise, and more

  • Germany bars gay director Bryan Singer's new film from filming there — not because of Singer, but because of Scientologist star Tom Cruise, whose beliefs are what the government considers to be a profit-based business concern, not a religion. I'm all for exposing the hypocrisy of that cultish mess as much as anyone, but let's be fair: when has Hollywood moviemaking not been a profit-based business concern? Discrimination ain't cool, any way you slice it.
  • Cheyenne Jackson to appear in a staged reading of new musical Red Eye of Love at an upcoming festival. Please tell me it's based on that movie with Rachel MacAdams and Cillian Murphy where she stabs him with the pen! Oh … sorry, Cheyenne …
  • Audience members at the premiere of the new Alan Cumming/David Boreanaz flick Suffering Man's Charity (about which we interviewed Cumming a while back) fainted and walked out. Success!
  • Our sibs over at have compiled a great list of TV's most memorable dance scenes, and whaddaya know, there a few fella-fella foxtrots in there.
  • Recently-out David Hyde Pierce has started a campaign against Alzheimer's, from which he has seen two family members suffer.

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