To Make a Long Story Short … EW’s Brokeback flashback, Barrowman’s kid charity, and more!

  • Entertainment Weekly does what we do every day: Eat a box of Mallowmars in a closet and weep. Woops — sorry, that's mourn the dearth of gay films post-Brokeback and turn to television for solace.
  • Barrowmania! ® for Kids: John will be participating in next month's BBC Children in Need telethon, likely in a musical capacity.
  • CMT is producing a makeover show called Trick My Trucker, which looks to zhuzh up our long-haul drivers. Unless they're trying to get these guys action in highway rest stop bathrooms, I might suggest changing the title.
  • The Out 100 rollout has begun. Don't worry, I'm sure we're somewhere down the list. (Opens new box of Mallowmars)

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