Torchwood Season 2′s big gay smooch

After much anticipation, we’ve finally got a snap few snaps of the big gay kiss that Captain Jack (John Barrowman) shares with a rogue captain (played by Buffy alum James Marsters) in the premiere ep of the second season of the hit sci-fi series Torchwood. (Above pic courtesy of Brit tab The Sun, below pic from BBC’s Stateside-blocked site, thanks to eagle-eyed reader bth!)


In related Barrowmania! ™ news, Barrowman has been doing press for the show and has been as outspoken as ever about his partnership with Scott Gill and their wishes to start a family, and has called the fact that many actors feel the need to remain closeted actors "just sad". (UPDATED: The outlet who conducted the interview mentioned in the previous link has posted a clarification noting that John’s "that is just sad" comment referred to the situation where actors feel pressured to remain in the closet, not to the actors themselves.) Go John! 

Torchwood‘s new season premieres here in the States on January 26th. If you need to catch up, be sure to check out our resource page!

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