“True Blood” Episode 301 Recap: “Pack of Wolves”

Hey there, fellow
Welcome back for another season of blood, butts, and biceps. I
want to recap bad things for you.

Since I’m new to recapping this show, let me give you a
sense where I’m coming from … I am completely obsessed with Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse
novels and have read every single one. So I’m planning on spending these recaps
meticulously cataloging all the ways the TV show differs from the books and
then griping about it.


That would, pardon the pun, suck. Besides, I’m totally at
peace with viewing the show on its own terms and appreciating what it uniquely
brings to the table … namely, excessive male nudity. So I’ll spend the recaps
doing what’s most important for all of us — assessing how close we are to some
sort of threeway, preferably involving Alexander

We open just where we
left off,
with Sookie rushing
out of Bon Temp’s answer to Tavern on the Green looking for the
suddenly-missing Bill.

Then we get these quick little scenes that show us where all
the major characters are right now. Most of these scenes involve really fast
driving, which is a suitably scary way to kick things off. Remember, this is
the Deep South, and we all know what happens
to people who get pulled over for driving too fast.

Then it’s opening
credits time.
Which reminds me that this show is going neck-and-neck with Dexter over who can have the most
revolting opening credits. Lord, I forgot how gross that catfish was!

Back to Sookie, who
runs out of the restaurant,
realizes Bill’s been vamp-napped, and proceeds
to go all Last-of-the-Mohicans, “Stay
alive! I will find you!” The trouble is, the local police all think Sookie is
pretty much loco and refuse to check into Bill’s disappearance until more
time’s passed.

So she takes matters into her own hands, and goes visiting
the other storylines to see if Bill shows up in any of them.

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