True Blood” Season Teasers: The 10 Most Awesomely WTF Images!

True Blood returns this week in all its fang-popping, shape-shifting, trou-dropping glory for another season of vampires, werewolves, brujos, shifters, waitresses, witches, and whatever the hell poor Terry Bellefleur thinks he is this week.

So it’s interesting that, aside from the much-heralded arrival of True newbie Christopher Meloni as the head of the vampire Authority, we know very little about what the hell is actually going to be splashing across our screens come 9pm Sunday.

So to prepare, I took it upon myself to go through HBO’s two teaser trailers frame-by-frame and try to piece together what the eff is going on amidst all the hissing, screaming, blood-crying, exploding, fang-popping and shirtless Jason Stackhouse. Then I picked the 10 images that, try as I might, I can’t get out of my head.

Haven’t seen the trailers yet? Check ‘em out, and then join me after to discuss!

Okay, let’s get to work…

1. Vampire Zorro

Seriously, WTF is that? Is it Meloni? Batman? Carmen San Diego? And who’s the surprised-looking fella behind the wheel? DEVELOPING…

2. Fairy Boys

Okay, this is actually pretty awesome. The fairy on the right is Claude, I’m pretty sure (they recast the role since the cataclysmic SyFy Original Series Season 4 opening number in Fae land). No idea who the guy on the left is, but he’s wearing what very well might be a costume from the Bon Temps Players production of The Fantasticks. Could he be a gay fairy? One that works at Claude’s strip club (if they stick to the books)? Let’s hope so.

3. Dandy Eric

Okay, this is some sort of flashback, I get it – we had Punk Rock Bill and now we have The Picture of Dorian Northman. But still, it’s kind of hilarious.


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