TV on Tap: A Time Traveler Visits “New Girl”, “Freakonomics” Inspiring a TV Show and Rachael Harris Joins “Happy Endings”

I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to say the title of Matthew Perry‘s new comedy, Go On
in your best Chandler Bing voice.


Joss Whedon will help to develop that ABC series set “in the Avengers world” we heard about earlier. I’m still hoping for an Avengers series focusing on the b-list members (I always hated the parts with Tony, Thor and even Cap when I read the comic) but that doesn’t sound so likely.

That’s not the only Marvel TV series in the works. Guillermo del Toro is still working on that Hulk series. del Toro says he’s waiting on a high-profile writer who is currently too busy to rewrite the script.

The hilarious Rachael Harris will appear in the second episode of Happy Endings this season, as a realtor who ends up working with Dave and Alex.

Fox is working to turn the Leonardo Di Carprio movie The Beach into a TV series. I have to admit, that’s one movie I never saw making the leap to the small screen.

Out funnyman Matt Lucas is joining the cast of Community this season as a member of the Greendale faculty. I want to feel encouraged by the move, but I’m not sure if Lucas’ style of comedy quite meshes with Community‘s, even if both can be broad and absurd.

Oh joy. There just aren’t enough TV shows about a detective with unconventional methods who embarasses the local police by being better at their job. Now, there’s a series in development where the brilliant and misunderstood iconoclast is inspired by Freakonomics. Just the idea of the show is emanating smug emissions.

ABC Family has unveiled a suspect tracker where Pretty Little Liars fans can vote who they expect will be revealed as a member of the “A” Team at the end of the season. What do you think the chances are that Mona turned Hannah into a double agent during those hospital visits?

There’s a number of reasons why I haven’t enjoyed Big Brother since the Summer of Secrets, but one frustration is how we don’t see the houseguests enjoying little distractions so much. I mean, remember the ghetto water slide? That spirit was captured in this week’s episode of The Glass House which featured a cold open of the cast dancing to “Call Me Maybe.”

Raymond Barry (who you might recognize as Rayland‘s dad on Justified) will appear on New Girl, as a man who claims to be an older version of Nick who traveled back in time.


The View (ABC) Check local listngs
The daytime landscape is a bit slow right now but the View ladies have one new episode this week to talk with the faboo Meryl Streep and her co-star Tommy Lee Jones.

Melissa & Joey (ABC Family) 8:00: PM
Tonight’s episode has a pair of comedy greats as Julie Brown appears as Lennox‘s coach while Rita Rudner plays… well, ABC Family isn’t getting specific but looking at the episode description I’m guessing she’s playing Mel‘s mom. Ah well, I guess I’ll have to keep hoping to see Melissa Joan Hart and Bonnie Hunt play blood relatives.

Big Brother (CBS) 8:00 PM ET
With Will nominated for eviction, it’s time to fight over the veto. Can he save himself for another week?

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles (Bravo) 9:00 PM ET
A key to Josh‘s transformation from just-another-reality-TV-asshat to adorable-but-difficult was his relationship with his grandma Edith, who we haven’t seen in the past few weeks. She returns tonight to tell him he needs to be working harder in this tough economy. Meanwhile, Madison faces the loss of the family member, which should put that feud with other Josh and whatshername in perspective.

Top Chef Masters (Bravo) 10:00 PM ET
For this week’s challenge the cheftestants have to get their teppanyaki on as they have to show they can excite an audience that includes Brian Boitano, Susan Feniger and Jonathan Waxman. Am I the only one hoping they work a How I Met Your Mother reference? Maybe instead of getting eliminated they can make the loser wear a ducky tie.

Futurama (Comedy Central) 10:00 PM ET
Pack up that machine that goes “Ping!” as Bender goes in search of the meaning of life.

Watch What Happens Live (Bravo) 11:00 PM ET
Andy’s guests are Melissa Etheridge and Anna Kendrick.

Go On (NBC) 11:00 PM ET
NBC is offering a preview of Matthew Perry‘s new comedy, about a sportscaster who joins a support group as he tries to get over the death of his wife. I’ve got my fingers crossed for this one, which was directed by Todd Holland, who also directed the pilots of Malcolm in the Middle and Wonderfalls.

Olympic Highlights

Water Polo (MSNBC) 10:45 AM, Noon, 1:30 PM, (NBC) 3:00 PM ET
There’s a whole lot of water polo today as Serbia faces Australia, Montenegro goes against Spain, Hungary takes on Italy and Team U.S.A. challenges Croatia.

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Tomorrow’s Preview

Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell (FX) 11:00 PM ET
Russell Brand wasn’t a great late-night option for me but I’m hoping the much funnier promos for W. Kamau Bell‘s mean a funnier show.

Childrens Hospital (Adult Swim) Midnight ET
It’s time fo a new season of the craziest hospital drama that we’re not meant to take seriously. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a musical episode.