TV on Tap: Chris Hayes Moves to MSNBC’s Prime Time, “Pushing Daisies” Considers Turning to Kickstarter and Chris Meloni, Taye Digs Get Pilot Roles

Aw, see you next season violent, con man Banshee sheriff.


…aaaand the new MSNBC primetime host is Chris Hayes. I’ll admit, I’ve mixed feelings about the development. I’m not thrilled about giving up Hayes’ weekend show, Up, but I do love the idea of combining Hayes with Rachel Maddow. The combination of Hayes and Maddow as the majority of MSNBC’s prime time slot could end up making a strong argument that it is possible for cable news to offer programming that’s informative, instead of the ridiculous gimmicks, opinionated bluster and scandal-chasing that’s found too often elsewhere.

One of the things I enjoy about Up with Chris Hayes is that Hayes uses the forum to function as an example of what other shows could accomplish if they cared, like the way Up is much more diverse than other Sunday shows.

Elsewhere at NBC News, The Today Show is struggling to figure out how to fix its rating troubles as detailed by the New York Times. Thing have gotten bad enough at the morning news show that they’re thinking of replacing Matt Lauer with someone like Willie Geist or the sparkling personality of David Gregory.

For a moment, I was so excited that Chris Meloni joined a comedy pilot, except its a show based on a novel by the guy who gave us the $#*! My Dad Says twitter feed.

What’s this about Southland‘s season finale being approached as if it were a series finale? Can we get the old “Save Southland” gang back together?

After dropping out of ABC’s adaptation of Pulling, Mandy Moore has found another pilot role. Deadline reports that Moore has joined the legal drama The Advocates opposite Ben McKenzie.

Another Daily Show correspondent has joined a pilot, Al Madrigal will be a part of NBC’s adaptation of About a Boy.

I don’t agree with all those Community fans complaining about the show not being as good this season, though maybe I’m just not willing to reject Abed after having lost Liz Lemon. However, Vulture says that the problem isn’t so much with the new showrunners, but that series creator Dan Harmon didn’t do as good a job defining the characters in the first three seasons.

For its third season, Strike Back is adding Dougray Scott.

Taye Diggs will co-star in the TNT pilot Murder in the First along with Boss alum Kathleen Robertson. Murder in the First is the Steven Bochco drama that follows a murder investigation over the course of a season.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Joss Whedon says he’s happy the Veronica Mars kickstarter was successful, but he doesn’t look forward to hearing fans ask him about reviving Dollhouse or funding a second Firefly movie through kickstarter.

Bryan Fuller has the best second best (just remembered about the existence of French Silk Pie) way to celebrate Pi Day:

And he’s not joking, in an interview with Hitfix‘s Alan Sepinwall, Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas says that Fuller contacted him to start thinking if this could be a way to give new life to Pushing Daisies. Thomas says that Warner Bros is looking this as a test case that might be use again if successful, so that Pushing Daisies move is in the realm of possibility.

Friday’s Listings

Anderson Live (syndicated) Check local listings
Padma Lakshmi is Anderson‘s co-host today with her party hosting tips. I wonder if those tips include suggestions on how to handle St. Patrick’s Day happening during Lent. (I mean, is a fancy mocktail bar okay or still too much indulgence?) Also, DallasJosh Henderson visits.

Nikita (CW) 8:00 PM ET
As if to prove that it’s time for Alex to get out of the spy game, first she gets captured by Amanda then she fouls up the rescue mission when she falls for the old “fellow prisoner” bit.

Malibu Country (ABC) 8:30 PM ET
Reba gets a meeting that just might give her the career she’s been pursuing — until she learns that this producer thinks she should be writing jingles. I guess the chance of being the creator of the next “By Mennen” isn’t good enough for her.

Degrassi (Teen Nick) 9:00 PM ET
Drew moves out leaving Fiona alone in the loft — which would be fine except that she gets robbed soon afterward, leaving Fiona jumping at every little noise and mistaking raccoons on the roof as burglars trying to pry open the skylight. Too bad Imogen doesn’t seem like the type who handles that kind of situation well.

Grimm (NBC) 9:00 PM ET
What a cliffhanger to leave things off last week! Just as Nick drinks the purification potion and we’re on the edge of our seats wondering if Nick will end up tearing off his shirt like Renard did, it’s time for the “tune in next week.” I’m guessing that’s going to get resolved quickly since tonight’s episode involves Wesen who break Wesen mores by using their true faces as disguises in bank robberies.

Spartacus: War of the Damned (Starz) 9:00 PM ET
Spartacus and his men encounter an impassable ridge, one, as you’d expect, they simply must pass.

Banshee (Cinemax) 10:00 PM ET
It’s been an incredible first season for Cinemax’s new noir thriller and it wraps with Lucas making a big move to deal with the kidnapped Max. Of course, with this being the finale, expect Lucas’ relationship with the town of Banshee to be at stake.

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) 10:00 PM ET
Rachel Maddow will be sitting on tonight’s panel and generally elevating the dialogue.

Out There (IFC) 10:00 PM ET
A car accident leaves Chris working a burger-flipping job to pay for the damage. Since he’s got a fundraising goal to meet, lets hope this goes better than that Tracey Ullman Show sketch where Fancesca starts her new job.

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS) 12: 35 AM ET
Craig talking with the faboo Megan Mullally tonight.

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