TV on Tap: Clark Duke Gets an “Office” Job, Lifetime Signs Barbara Hershey for a Prison Movie and Is Louis C.K. the Sexiest Man on Television?

TCM is airing A Face in the Crowd with the late Andy Griffith tonight.


With The Office losing a few cast members, the comedy is due to make a few additions and TVLine says that Greek alum Clark Duke is negotiating to join the cast. Duke’s character will be a lowly envelope-stuffer who has a crush on the barista at the local coffee shop.

Lifetime has signed Barbara Hershey for an original movie, Left to Die, about a woman whose vacation in Ecuador leads to imprisonment for drug trafficking charges. Rachel Leigh Cook will co-star as her daughter who fights for her release.

Deadline reports that HBO has made a deal to create a project about Republican media consultant and Fox News president Roger Ailes. The project is based on an upcoming manuscript by Gabriel Sherman who has already written a cover story about Ailes for New York magazine and who covers news media. The little bit of research I did for this made it really clear the usual partisan media hacks are having a meltdown over the very existence of this project.

You know I’m excited about Dame Diana Rigg appearing in an episode of Doctor Who. Well, Carlos pointed me to these set photos from the episode.

The cast for the upcoming season of Big Brother is set to be announced today but it’s already come out that the cast will include the brother of overexposed Survivor alum Russell Hantz and the return of odious past houseguests as mentors.

Andy Dehnart had me excited about the prospect about another reality show with Elvira, but it sounds more like she’s sending the Macabre Mobile to a show where celebrities’ vehicles are restored. I want another Search for the Next Elvira.

Does Louis C.K.‘s honest and mature view of relationships make him the sexiest man on television?

The final season premiere of Weeds was down from the previous season (when there were rumors that it was the final season) while Episodes lost a similar number of viewers.


Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN) 8:00 PM ET
From what I’ve gathered, tonight should be Anderson‘s first show as an out gay man. I’m not expecting anything special, but its still worth noting.

Suits Marathon (USA) starting at 6:00 AM ET
USA’s Thursday night line-up is taking the holiday off but there’s a 13-hour marathon of Suits, Patrick J. Adams adorable blinking and Gina Torres being a BAMF of a law firm partner.

Breaking Pointe (CW) 8:00 PM ET
As the series wraps its first season, Ballet West concludes its artistic season.

Anger Management (FX) 9:30 PM ET
Ah well, I had mixed feelings when I watched the pilot and learned that Michael Arden‘s character was gay. On one hand, yay representation. On the other, I guess that means I’ll be watching a Charlie Sheen sitcom. At least a gay character with anger issues should deliver a few solid one-liners. This week, Charlie decides to try something called sleep deprivation therapy. hat sounds only slightly better than trying out do-it-yourself shock therapy.

Wilfred (FX) 10:00 PM ET
As distracting/delightful as it is when your co-worker brings their dog to the office, what’s happens when Ryan takes his Wilfred to the office? I have a vague memory of this show dripping hints that Wilfred is an adorable little lap dog, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for confirmation.

Louie (FX) 10:30 PM ET
For Louie, having dinner with a friend means an awkward meal.

Awkward. (MTV) 10:30 PM ET
There’s a new school scandal when it turns out that a hidden camera was left at Sanctuary (I know, I was also trying to remember “What’s Sanctuary?” too, turns out its a place where everyone hooks up, including Jenna and Matty). Now, Jenna has to try to get her hands on that tape or reveal even more of her sexual history to Jake.

A Face in the Crowd (Turner Classic Movies) 1:45 AM ET
In a mild consolation for the death of Andy Griffith it just happens that they have one of Griffith’s most praised performances. For those of you who watched Keith Olbermann, this is the movie where Griffith plays Lonesome Rhodes. This one has been on my list of movies I’ve been meaning to watch for a long time. I’m overdue to actually watch it.

What will you be watching tonight? Please share in the comments!

Tomorrow’s Preview

The View (ABC) Check local listings
Andy Cohen is a guest-co-host tomorrow.

Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
We get back to EJ and Will‘s battle-of-wills tomorrow!

Burn Notice Marathon (USA) starting at 6:00 AM ET
Tomorrow it’s Michael, Maddie, Sam, Jesse and Fi‘s turn to fill the day.