TV on Tap: NeNe Leakes Joins Another Ryan Murphy Show and the Hunky “Once Upon a Time” Sheriff Will Evade Gillian Anderson

Martin Starr is Nick‘s old frat brother on tonight’s New Girl.
Is there a “Only one
Party Down star at a time” rule at work?


It looks like Terra Nova is definitely dead. Negotiations between Fox and Netflix have stalled and aren’t likely to get anywhere. The studio says it’s still seeking a way to save the series, but I suspect we’ll sooner see new episodes of One Live to Live.

With their show on the bubble, Body of Proof fans are already starting a Save Our Show effort. I wonder if they’ve considered contacting Netflix.

If you’re missing Once Upon a Time‘s hunky sheriff, Jamie Dornan, he’ll star opposite Gillian Anderson in BBC2′s The Fall. Dornan will play a serial killer being pursued by a police detective played by Anderson.

Evidently Ryan Murphy likes working with NeNe Leakes. He’s just given her a guest role in his comedy pilot The New Normal that would recur if the pilot became a series.

When Suits returns this summer, it will include an episode with the amazing Margo Martindale, who will play a nurse who Harvey has a difficult time intimidating. If she offers you a glass of “apple pie” just say no, Harvey… or pass it on to Louis if it’s one of those days when he’s being an awful person.

Next season, Hawaii Five-0 will have a new regular. Steve‘s military girlfriend will have a bigger role on the show. Then again, every time Hawaii Five-0 adds a new female character, she seems to suddenly pack up and leave. (What’s up with that, anyway?)

Former (sigh) Expedition Impossible host Dave Salmoni is headed to Animal Planet with Frontier Earth, which will examine the major ecosystems of the earth. Give it the spectacular footage that must be watched on an HD TV and I’m there.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Fox is planning a special that will feature reunions of some of its trademark shows and even a few of the shows that have fans cursing Fox’s name. Stars from Married… with Children, The X-Files, Ally McBeal and even The Tick have been booked for the celebration. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they remember Karen’s Song (okay, just for Lanie Kazan), Herman’s Head and, just to remind the world that it existed, the post-apocalyptic sitcom Whoops!.

For her next job after Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria is sticking with Marc Cherry. She’s signed up for his new soapy pilot, Devious Maids — this time, however, she’ll be behind the camera, working as a producer.


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