TV on Tap: Remembering the Dan Harmon Era of “Community,” James Van Der Beek Won’t Scandalize “Apartment 23″ and Vanessa Williams’ Spooky “666 Park Avenue”

Cogar Town says goodbye to ABC and hello to a network willing to promote it with tonight’s season finale.


Is the economy and a tense political climate why this season’s upcoming shows are so dark? The networks seem to be channeling audience’s real-world anxiety into drama with new shows like 666 Park Avenue, the Jekyll and Hyde-inspired Do No Harm and serial killer shows like Cult, The Following and Hannibal.

Speaking of 666 Park Avenue, series star Vanessa Williams said there was a spooky moment when the script called for Williams’ character to talk about her daughter’s death, a scene that called for a photo of the departed child. The show ended up using a picture of Williams’ real-life daughter, giving the scene a “strange” air in filming.

Meanwhile, as Community heads towards what fans expect will be the darkest of the timelines — the show without creator Dan Harmon, critic Alan Sepinwall says goodbye to the Harmon era, including a list of ten episodes that defined Harmon’s creative style.

Vulture talked with the female show runners of New Girl, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 and The Middle among others and asked about the role of their stars’ public personas. Apartment 23 creator Nahnatchka Khan said she keeps trying to push James Van Der Beek into the tabloids, “I encourage him to get out and try to hook up with girls. But he’s married with two kids, so he won’t. I wish he would. I’m always trying to trick him to come out with me to bars and stuff like that, but he won’t do it.” On the other hand, those guys from Gossip Girl certainly got a lot of attention for all their homoerotic antics, maybe JVDB should start hanging out with Eric Andre.

What was 30 Rock‘s inspiration to do two episodes about the reality show Queen of Jordan? It turns out the fake-reality format is cheaper to film, even when you do it with scripts and talented actors.