TV on Tap: Remington Steele Comes Out, That Shocking “Dallas” Gay Shower Scene, and “The Facts Of Life Goes To WeHo”

Is anyone really surprised?


Viewers are still reeling over last week’s Dallas cliffhanger, which found Pam opening her shower door to see the supposedly dead Bobby lathering up with Sue Ellen‘s boy toy Peter. Producers are keeping mum, but admit that this will take Bobby in a “new direction” next season.

Not to be outdone, Remington Steele will have a surprise for viewers when the show comes back next season: The title character will come out of the closet! TPTB explain, “It will be done very naturally and matter-of-factly. All these years, viewers thought Remington was British, but it turns out … he’s just gay.”

Trouble seems to be brewing on the set of Growing Pains, as a potentially historic plot twist may be quashed. Producers were planning on having teen idol Kirk Cameron ‘s character Mike Seaver question his sexuality, leading to sexual experimentation with best friend Boner, and an emotional coming-out in time for May sweeps. Cameron, however, is said to be adamantly opposed, stating, “That’s not what God intended for me or my Boner.”

Weekend Listings

The Facts Of Life Goes To WeHo (NBC) Saturday – 8:00 PM ET
The gang heads to West Hollywood for the opening of Edna’s Edibles And Erotic Bake Shop, where Blair inadvertently wins third place in a drag show, Jo experiences a sexual awakening watching the musical stage version of Personal Best, and handyman George takes a temp job as Merv Griffin‘s pool boy.

T.J. Hooker (ABC) Saturday – 8:00 PM ET
Vince (Adrian Zmed) goes undercover at a Speedo factory to find The Bulge Bomber.

The Love Boat (ABC) Saturday – 9:00 PM ET
In a special two-hour event, The Pacific Princess runs into trouble when April (Charo)’s chihuahua lifts his leg on the ship’s engine, causing a total power outage, leading to panic, confusion, and ship-wide sewage spillover. The Lido Deck is transformed into a makeshift lavatory, but lack of food and water results in numerous deaths … temporarily, until the dead inexplicably start to rise and devour the living, led by special guest star Zombie Ginger Rogers. You can see a terrifying preview below. Who will survive?

Okay, you may have figured out that this isn’t a real TVoT. Unfortunately, Lyle is experiencing major tech malfunctions, so he had to skip this weekend’s TV listings. So we’re turning this into a kind of Crowdsourced TVoT. Do you have any weekend TV you want to share? And I have to give a huge tip of the hat to Lyle. In all of the years he’s been doing this column, this is the first time he’s had to miss one. Thanks for all of your hard work, Lyle!