TV on Tap: Season Three “Walking Dead” News, Devon Sawa’s Not Returning to “Nikita” and Another “American Idol” Defeat

A” is finally unmasked in tonight’s Pretty Little Liars finale.


I’ve got good news and bad news for those of you who enjoy Devon Sawa on Nikita. The bad news is that he tweeted that he won’t be appearing on the show this season. On the other hand, it does mean Owen is safe from the promised bloodshed.

Former Lost star Yunjin Kim will return to ABC, with a lead role in the network’s summer soap Mistresses, based on the British sudser.

It’s a good pilot season for the women of Reno 911!, Kerri Kenny will play one of three sisters running a West Texas diner together in Counter Culture. The pilot also includes the faboo Margo Martindale and Doris Roberts. Either this will be great or it’ll be the next I Hate My Teenage Daughter.

At Wondercon, Community creator Dan Harmon was asked about the battle over the fan-created Inspector Spacetime webisodes and he managed to find an elegant middle ground.

WonderCon was also the source for some spoiler-y news as one actor revealed he would be appearing in the third season of The Walking Dead

In further Walking Dead news, the series has found a woman to play Michonne, who you got a glimpse of in last night’s season finale. She’ll be played by Treme‘s Danai Gurira. With Michonne showing up, I have to wonder if we’ll see Andrew and Dexter, who were in a relationship in the comics, appear sometime soon.

I just completely lost interest in the ABC pilot Awesometown now that asshat Dennis Miller has joined the comedy pilot. Since the premise of Awesometown sounds like a bro version of New Girl I don’t think I’d be missing much.

Is Jordan Peele‘s spot-on impersonation of President Obama making you wish he had that role on Saturday Night Live? Peele says he was offered the role but was stuck in his commitment with MadTV. I guess that’s for the best, since I don’t see SNL coming up with the ways Key & Peele has used Peele’s Obama.

In what almost sounds like a do-over, The Apprentice producer Mark Burnett has sold a reality competition to CBS. On each episode of The Job, five people will battle for their dream job. Lisa Ling will host. Let’s see how long it takes before it starts including ridiculous levels of product placement. (Martha Stewart uses Wish Bone dressing? Really?)

How good were Community‘s numbers? Good enough to beat American Idol in its time slot, thanks partly to The Big Bang Theory (which usually beats Idol) being preempted for basketball. That suggests the show could do well in a less-competive time slot and gives fans more reason to hope for renewal.


The Nate Berkus Show (syndicated) Check local listings
Nate has tips on how to deal with all that damage you create when you attempt that home improvement project on your own and the steps to avoid such disasters.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS) 8:00 PM ET
Well, I can’t support this. Deciding that the two are moving too quickly, the gang decides to try to break up Barney and Quinn. You can’t take Becki Newton off my TV so quickly. Even Love Bites lasted longer.

Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family) 8:00 PM ET
After 46 episodes of stalking Emily, Aria, Hannah and Spencer with incredible precision and intelligence gathering, the identity of “A” is finally discovered. Can the big reveal satisfy all the build up and moments of creepiness?

The Voice (NBC) 8:00 PM ET
We’re at the penultimate Battle Round, which is feeling like a relief since it turns out that it only takes me a couple of weeks to get tired of the Battle Rounds.

2 Broke Girls (CBS) 8:30 PM ET
It’s a Broke Girls‘ version of vacation, getting a dogsitting job for a rich couple who go on vacation and need someone to stay in their posh apartment to keep the pampered pooch company.

Being Human (Syfy) 9:00 PM ET
Let’s see…. Aidan is realizing that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to save Henry, George has lost Nora to the purebloods, Sally has made herself a Tyler Durden. I have a feeling once Aidan and Josh finish saving Sally from herself (or whatever it is that’s making her act this way), these roommates are going to be even more isolated from their monster communities.

RuPaul’s Drag Race (Logo) 9:00 PM ET
This week the dolls have to try to turn disharmony into beautiful music when they’re paired up with their frenemy to perform a duet. Sadly, I don’t think there was time to work a Party City placement into Phi Phi/Sharon Needles‘ duet.

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) 10:00 PM ET
Ed Asner appears tonight to reprise his role as the smuggler he played in a 1975 episode of the classic Hawaii Five-O. It’s a stunt reminiscent of a Boston Legal episode that used fifty year-old footage of William Shatner. Only, in this case, they’re going to have to explain who was the Steve McGarrett who arrested Asner’s character 30 years ago.

Smash (NBC) 10:00 PM ET
The pressure is high as the time comes to show “Marilyn The Musical” to potential investors. Unfortunately, Ivy‘s mother, Broadway star Leigh Conroy (Bernadette Peters), is the kind of mother who just naturally ends up deflating any confidence Ivy may have in herself.

Castle (ABC) 10:00 PM ET
When Castle investigates a death on the set of a dancing reality show, that brings The Secret Circle‘s Adam Harrington and The Young and the Restless alum Lauralee Bell. It’ll be good to see Harrington on a show more likely to exploit his good looks.

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Tomorrow’s Preview

New Girl (Fox) 9:00 PM ET
Not only does next week bring Dermot Mulroney to the comedy, it’s also the return of director Peyton Reed.

Southland (TNT) 10:00 PM ET
The police drama wraps up its fourth season tomorrow. On one hand that means it’s time to say goodbye to Cooper but it also means no more motherhood storylines for Lydia.