TV on Tap: Stephen Amell is the Green Arrow, A “Beaches” Star Lives “Once Upon a Time” and Thomas Roberts’ Strong Ratings

Tonight it’s Susan Lucci‘s turn to flee to the Cleve.

Hold on, it is February already? I guess it’s about time I got started on those New Year resolutions.


In the (mercifully) final season of Hung, Stephen Amell‘s jaw-dropping physique was an effective distraction from how the two main characters were so unlikable. Now, he’s giving me further reason to get excited about Arrow, where he will play trustafarian archer superhero Green Arrow. If this one becomes a series, I hope they don’t wait long before introducing Roy Harper and Cheshire.

John Wells is at it again. The producer who brought Shameless to American airwaves is adapting another British drama with a gay following, this time adapting prison soap Bad Girls for NBC.

More celebrities are practicing their “What? Me?” faces, as CBS has ordered two more I Get That A Lot specials. It’s going to take a lot to outdo Tim Gunn‘s “I hate that guy” rant.

Vivica A. Fox will appear on an episode of Raising Hope as a woman who will end up competing with Burt for a committee position at the church. I guess the episode also involves the Chance family going to church.

ABC has ordered a few more pilots, including Devious Maids, an adaption of a telenovela by Marc Cherry, a drama about a cop who discovers a magical world within New York City from the creator of Kings and a Judy Greer comedy where she moves to a suburb where her husband’s ex is the sherriff.

We’re going to meet the mother of Once Upon a Time‘s Evil Queen, and she’ll be played by Barbara Hershey. I’m dying to learn if the Evil Queen’s weakness for faboo hats is something she picked up from her mother or her own sense of style.

HBO’s horseracing drama Luck may have only aired on episode that got disappointing ratings, but it has already been renewed for a second season. These kinds of instant renewals aren’t unusual at HBO. The premium cable channel did the same thing with Treme, Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones.

Does Monday’s X-Factor bloodbath show that Simon Cowell doesn’t understand what’s wrong with the heavily-hyped talent competition?

Thomas Roberts is having a great 2012, his hour of MSNBC Live saw its audience grow by 19%, a standout performance among cable news shows. Can MSNBC give him his own show, now?


Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
Something spooks Will into turning to Sonny.

Nova (PBS) Check local listings
A dig in Colorado turns up an “ice age death trap” that offers plenty of information on the kind of creatures that roamed the North American continent, including giant sloths that will get you to rethink how you look at their modern-day descendants.

Nature (PBS) Check local listings
Tonight’s episode about wolverines may be a rerun, but if you missed it the first time it’s a wonderful mix of adorable and terrifying. If you ever wanted an hour of television that let you go from cooing at the cuteness to reeling at the realization of how quickly they could turn you into shredded taco meat, this is that hour.

Whitney (NBC) 8:00 PM ET
Continuing a mysterious trend of funny people agreeing to appear on this unfunny show, John Cleese appears on tonight’s episode as a couples therapist who tries to help Whitney and Alex improve their communication with each other. Is Whitney an experiment to see how much talented performers can do with tired jokes? An attempt to see how much money can be saved by making a show from parts of the short-lived and quickly-forgotten shows from NBC’s sitcom glut in the 90s? There’s got to be a good explanation. Somewhere.

Face Off (Syfy) 10:00 PM ET
It’s time for the competitors to face their fears as they are challenged to come up with a horror villain inspired by a phobia. I sure hope turophobia is one of the options because I want to see that monster.

Hot in Cleveland (TV Land) 10:00 PM ET
It’s time for the Hot in Cleveland ladies to tackle current events that are being hotly debated across the nation. I’m talking about the cancellation of All My Children, of course. Susan Lucci moves in now that her days are free. Tonight’s episode also has Ryan McPartlin for you Chuck fans going through Awesome withdrawal.

The Exes (TV Land) 10:30 PM ET
For the season finale, Holly has her first meeting with her ex-fiance (Ken Marino) since they broke up.

Watch What Happens Live (Bravo) 11:00 PM ET
Tonight, Andy‘s getting a visit from Top Chef judge and bear-fave Tom Colicchio.

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Tomorrow’s Preview

Anderson (syndicated) Check local listings
Anderson gets to spend tomorrow chatting with Madonna.

Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
The plotting thickens for Will as Nicole continues to work on him and E.J. offers another gift.

The View (ABC) Check local listings
Lisa Kudrow will be visiting tomorrow, I’m guessing she’ll be discussing her ancestry reality show Who Do You Think You Are?

The Rosie Show (OWN) 6:00 PM ET
Rosie will be talking with the amazing Kristin Chenoweth tomorrow.