TV on Tap: TLC Gets a Hot and Crazy Merman, “The Walking Dead” Re-Shot Its Death Scenes and That “Punky Brewster” Zombie Episode

Oh, TLC, you’ve found a way to overwhelm my sense of taste.


The Daily Beast‘s Jace Lacob sings the praises of Chopped, the Ted Allen-hosted cooking competition, noting how it manages to mix the thrill of competition while also teaching viewers a little about food, something the Food Network has mostly left behind.

Saturday Night Live cast member Nasim Pedrad has nabbed a pilot role and it’s one that keeps her in the SNL family. Pedrad has joined the Lorne Michaels-produced comedy pilot created by and starring SNL writer John Mulaney (he co-created Stefon).

Production on Sullivan & Son has been suspended as series star Steve Byrne heals from an injury to his face. We wish Byrne a speedy recovery.

Considering how it continues to be one of the biggest shows on TV, it’s not a surprise that HBO has already renewed Game of Thrones for a fourth season.

In wonderful news, TVLine reports the faboo Keiko Agena has been picked for a guest role on the ABC Family drama Twisted. Her character, a grief specialist, will debut in the second episode.

What you watched (or just recorded) on Sunday night wasn’t the original ending planned for The Walking Dead. The episode’s two major deaths were part of the original version, but the details were different. They made the right changes.

I love it when TV goes absolutely off-the-rails bonkers. (For instance, the fourth season of ‘Til Death.) The folks over at io9 put together a list of shows that suddenly veered into sci-fi territory, despite not being sci-fi shows. Sadly, I missed that Punky Brewster zombie epsiode.

As MSNBC expands its weekend lineup, frequent guest Karen Finney will host an hour long show, and we’ve already gotten the first idiotic response. Someone at the right wing Media Research Center scoffed at the description of Finney as an “African-American host” tweeting, “Would the average viewer be able to guess that? Or is Boehner a shade more tan?” Seriously? Are we now applying the paper bag test to decide who gets to talk about their own history?

Meanwhile The debut of All In with Chris Hayes brought good ratings news for the cable network. Not only did Hayes’ debut improve on The Ed Show, in the target demo All In came very close to beating its time slot competitor The O’Reilly Factor (which, to be fair, had a guest-host that night). I’m thrilled. All In has quickly turned out to be exactly the show cable show needs, a nightly hour that doesn’t suffer from the sense of ADD that strikes just about every talk show out there, one where substantial discussion is the rule, not the exception.


The New Ricki Lake Show (syndicated) Check local listings
Ricki‘s holding another pajama party today with RuPaul and Jai Rodriguez is on the guest list.

Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
Yesterday, Kate pulled the “I could bury you if I wanted to” card on Nick. Will she have to do the same to Sonny as he comes close to telling Will that he saw her with Rafe? We’ll be following the action with a liveblog starting at 1PM Eastern. Be sure to join us!

Nature (PBS) Check local listings
Tonight’s Nature looks at the complicated way plants communicate with each other, summon insect allies and make sure they propagate future generations. I just hope this doesn’t include experts talking about plants like they have human emotions.

Nova (PBS) Check local listings
Was ancient Greek thinker Archimedes responsible for creating the first supercomputer? The mathematician’s attempts to predict an eclipse may reveal that kind of advanced computing.

Arrow (CW) 8:00 PM ET
There’s Vertigo on the streets of Starling City, which gives Oliver an excuse to visit The Count and say, “Hey, how’s it going? How are you feeling? Are you well enough to be secretly be still running your drug empire from here? I’m just asking for a friend.”

Suburgatory (ABC) 8:30 PM ET
Since ABC is moving the show back to its old, tougher time slot, Suburgatory decides to give viewers incentive to follow. Tonight, George agrees to participate in a “Dads of Chatswin” beefcake calendar… except the looming photoshoot leaves George obsessing about his body, much to Dallas‘ chagrin.

Spies of Warsaw (BBC America) 9:00 PM ET
David Tennant returns to the BBC as a Frenchman working at the Warsaw embassy in the days leading to World War II. “Allons-y!” Oh, and David Tennant and early 20th century European history? That’s a combination that should make my partner happy.

Modern Family (ABC) 9:00 PM ET
Sure, it sounds like a good idea for Mitch and Cam to plan a girls’ day out with Gloria and Lily, but all it takes is a few moments of awkwardness and girls’ day out becomes cultural sensitivity day.

Supernatural (CW) 9:00 PM ET
It’s been a few weeks since Sam completed the first task in closing the Gates of Hell. Tonight it’s time to reveal and attempt the second trial. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed this one does not have the word “bathe” in a context where “fully clothed” also makes sense.

How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life) (ABC) 9:30 PM ET
ABC’s newest comedy grabs my attention by featuring the likable Sarah Chalke, increases my interest with the comic delivery of Elizabeth Perkins… and then loses me with Brad Garrett. There’s plenty of potential in a comedy about a Gen Xer boomeranging back into her childhood bedroom, but this one looks like it captures the self-involved privilege that made Up All Night tedious at times.

Southland (Syfy) 10:00 PM ET
Cooper continues to struggle between looking at Hicks and feeling his sense of loneliness grow. Tonight he swallows his pride and try and make amends with Cesar.

It’s a Brad Brad World (Bravo) 10:00 PM ET
A 2 Broke Girls star turns to Brad for help in making sure the general public doesn’t immediately think of a ketchup and mustard-colored waitress uniform whenever her name is mentioned.

The Soup (E!) 10:00 PM ET
Since The Soup won’t go on vacation without giving fans some pop culture clips, it’s time to present The Soup Awards, with one trophy going to RuPaul.

The Americans (FX) 10:00 PM ET
Oh, FX, please never combine one of your ridiculously-addictive dramas with the phrase “two week hiatus”. I thought it was bad with American Horror Story, but it’s much tougher to go a week without this show. — especially, when the previews hint at Nina‘s cover getting blown. There had better be plenty of crazy wigs for Matthew Rhys to make up for this.

My Crazy Obsession (TLC) 10:30 PM ET
I’ll admit it. I may largely detest TLC’s programming, but they can bait me to watch with the right kind of gay pandering. I watched their Las Vegas reality show because I heard Jaymes Vaughn showed up for a couple minutes (though I could only bear to watch Jaymes’ part, so it wasn’t particularly effective pandering). Tonight, My Crazy Obsession includes a way hot gay guy who wants to be a merman. That’s right, TLC has lured me in by dedicating a segment to a gay man with a hot bod and a hobby that involves shirtlessness. My dignity. I miss it.

The Late Show with David Letterman (CBS) 11:35 PM ET
Dave has an amah-zing lineup scheduled tonight with Rachel Maddow and Louis C.K. That should wake up the brain cells starving for stimulation after I’ve watched My Crazy Obsession.

What will you be watching tonight? Please share in the comments!

Tomorrow’s Preview

Hannibal (NBC) 10:00 PM ET
Oh. Yes. Bryan Fuller is writing TV I can watch again. All is good until the comparisons to Awake‘s ratings begin.

Tabatha Takes Over (Bravo) 10:00 PM ET
Bryan Fuller and Tabatha Coffey debuting on the same night? Yay!


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