TV on Tap: TV Land Gets a “Cheers” Reunion, Fox Gets a Celebrity Diving Special of Its Own, and Who Will Be Returning to “Glee”?

It’s here! It’s here! Mockingbird Lane is finally here!


EW has the first pictures from Hannibal. Hugh Dancy looks as good as you’d expect.

The faboo Kathy Najimy is sticking around at ABC Family. The Make It or Break It alum has joined the cast of Socio as a psychology teacher. Meanwhile, Najimy’s former stage partner has joined another ABC Family pilot. Mo Gaffney has signed up for Continuing Fred along with Dan Castellaneta.

Is Keith Olbermann looking for his next job? I have to admit, I enjoy watching him bait conservatives on Twitter. I still want to see him judging the reading contest on a season of RuPaul’s Drag Race

The TV Land pilot Giant Baby has become a Cheers reunion now that Rhea Perlman has joined the cast. The series stars Kirstie Alley as a Broadway star who suddenly has to deal with the son she put up for adoption many years ago.

Guess who’s coming back to Glee.

USA is branching into reality with three potential shows, one about a criminal defense attorney, another about a sports handicapper and the third about people who work at a cattle ranch.

After a surprise jump in the ratings for its third episode, NBC has ordered five more scripts of the firefighter drama Chicago Fire.

Fox, the home of classy reality television, has ordered a celebrity diving special, Stars in Danger: High Diving, an adaptation of a German special. It’s just a coincidence that ABC is turning the Netherlands’ celebrity diving competition into Celebrity Splash.

The Office producer Greg Daniels is certainly busy. He’s developing a comedy for Brian Baumartner (who plays Kevin on The Office). Daniels also sold a comedy to NBC about… er, four friends living in the city.

Today’s puzzling news is that Bravo is turning to the Flipping Out showrunner for a scripted drama set in the cola wars of the 80s. Er, I guess its the Mad Men of the MTV generation?

Friday’s Listings

Anderson Live (syndicated) Check local listings
Anderson has hosted a few Frugal Fridays without getting Suze Orman to guest-host, but that changes today.

The Wendy Williams Show (syndicated) Check local listings
I have no idea why my local affiliate isn’t airing current episodes but I think the rest of the country can see Melissa Etheridge. I hope there’s talk about how her troubled breakup demonstrates the need for marriage equality

The Chew (ABC) Check local listings
Vanessa Williams will be visiting the show today.

Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
With Halloween coming next week, Will and Sonny have a party to plan. Let’s hope that they realize that guys who look the way they do should not get a costume with too much fabric. We’ll be tackling this one with a liveblog so be sure to be here starting at 1PM Eastern!

The White Room Challenge (HGTV) 1:00 PM ET
Oh. Dear. Is this show on Friday afternoons, now? That doesn’t sound promising for the future. This week sends the designers on a trip to the Hershey store. Two candy stores in one season? Maybe that explains the time slot.

Ask Obama Live: The MTV Interview with the President (MTV, MTV2, Tr3s) 5:00 PM ET
President Obama is sitting down for an interview where he’ll answer questions submitted by MTV viewers.

America’s Next Top Model (CW) 8:00 PM ET
In uncomfortable coincidences of TV and real life, this week’s challenge has the aspiring models posing with Rob Evans and another male model to depict a love triangle. Just hope it’s not too intense a love triangle.

Mockingird Lane (NBC) 8:00 PM ET
After months and months of anticipation, it’s finally here. Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer‘s collaboration to update The Munsters to the modern day, a macabre (but still funny) reboot where Eddie has yet to learn that it’s not a baby bear that keeps attacking his boy scout troops, and when Herman‘s organs fail, it means looking for a “donor”. I’d much rather have a TV series, but I’m just thrilled to have an hour of Fuller’s vision again.

Nikita (CW) 9:00 PM ET
The next rogue agent Nikita will target is a man who has decided he should step into Percy‘s footsteps by kidnapping a young girl and putting her through a Division-style training. I wonder if the team predicted the eventual need for a deprogrammer.

Degrassi (Teen Nick) 9:00 PM ET
For its 300th episode, Degrassi indulges in a makeover storyline as Maya turns to Tori for help in giving her a confidence boost. I hope they don’t leave Tristan out of the fun.

Grimm (NBC) 9:00 PM ET
How do you get me even more excited about a night of television that includes Bryan Fuller‘s return to television? Follow it with the rare English performance by Kate del Castillo, the star of my recent telenovela obsession (okay I’m catching up on the episodes I missed so I guess it’s still a current obsession) La Reina del Sur, who plays a detective from Albuquerque searching for the culprit behind a series of child abductions. Hopefully, she’s prepared to find something that’s a little more powerful than the usual criminal. (I have a feeling she will be.)

Haven (Syfy) 10:00 PM ET
Now, I would think that going to a haunted house on Halloween in a… troubled town like Haven would just be tempting fate. However, Audrey, Nathan and Duke don’t have worries like that. They also have a night of forming bad memories ahead of them.

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) 10:00 PM ET
Bill has an amazing pair of interview guests this week with Barney Frank and Nate Silver.

Graham Chapman: Anatomy of a Liar (Epix) 11:00 PM ET
Just because he died in 1989, do you think that would keep Graham Chapman out of the latest Monty Python movie? Thanks to recently discovered recordings and animation from several different studios, he’s a part of this adaptation of the gay Python’s fictionalized memoir.

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