TV on Tap: “Whitney” Gets De-Gayed, “The Killing” Might Still Get a Third Season (Seriously) and Will There Be More Changes to the Late Night Schedule?

Who’s working on the essay about how the panda painting
represents Mike and Harvey‘s relationship on


Just as I was finding myself interested in Whitney, Maulik Pancholy‘s is leaving the show as part of the series’ creative changes. The good news? That frees him up to return to 30 Rock in its final season.

Chloe Sevigny is moving to Portlandia, as a new roommate for Fred and Carrie.

CBS has bought a sitcom from The Big C creator Darlene Hunt. All the Single Ladies is based on an Atlantic cover story about women who choose to stay single. Knowing TV, I figure the series won’t take long to delivering a story arc about one of the lead characters finally meeting the right man to convince her she’s wrong.

Now that Jimmy Kimmel Live is moving to compete against The Tonight Show and The Late Show, will it pressure NBC to shift its late night lineup? NBC has a year to decide if it’ll stick with Jay Leno, but the increased competition should have NBC thinking about switching to the younger and hipper Jimmy Fallon.

America’s Got Talent is trying to regain viewers attention by offering to bring back an act from the past several seasons for a performance and giving fans chance to weight in. The candidates include the one and only Prince Poppycock, who gave AGT the kind of excitement that has been missing from the show this season.

Kevin Sussman, who plays comic shop owner Stuart, has been bumped up to a series regular on The Big Bang Theory. I guess that means its about time I stopped thinking of him as Betty Suarez‘s ex.

In today’s bit of inexplicable news, The Killing may get a third season at DirectTV or Netflix. I guess they don’t think enough viewers have deserted the series, yet?

Bob Costas will appear as himself on Mathew Perry‘s upcoming comedy Go On. Based on Costas’ performance in the Olympics Parade of Nations, I expect his character will be introducing Perry’s character at a party by discussing his wife’s death.

Chasing my inner stats geek, Nielsen has crunched some numbers on who is watching GLBT-inclusive TV shows. It’s not surprising to learn that younger viewers watch more inclusive scripted shows, but it is a little surprising to learn that viewers 12-17 watch the most scripted programs with queer characters (unless that’s all Glee). Overall, gay characters were more likely to be found in shows that were popular on the coasts.

Would Revenge have been better if it were a mini-series where Emily worked with ruthless efficiency and managed to destroy the Greysons in six hours? While I agree the broadcast networks should revisit the mini-series format, I don’t think Revenge slowed down when it moved away from the takedown-of-the-week format (I don’t think the show changed because it ran out of victims for Emily’s wrath, either).


Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
So. We’re on to the chapter you all have been dreading, but maybe we can distract ourselves with thoughts of nursing Sonny back to health.

Burn Notice (USA) 9:00 PM ET
For the season finale, Michael‘s going after the assassin who decided Nate was acceptable collateral damage. However, since Michael is still set in extreme vengeance-seeking mode, how much will he risk his team’s safety to get justice? (And if something does go wrong, that just gives him reason to stay in powder keg mode.)

Project Runway (Lifetime) 9:00 PM ET
Tonight’s challenge sees the designers devising a look to go with their client’s new hairstyle, which means I’ll likely get a break from hearing some of Michael Kors‘ styling complaints.

Anger Management (FX) 9:30 PM ET
One of Anger Management‘s more frustrating qualities is how it hints at taking on interesting topics but choosing a really bland path. I’ll admit, I’m intrigued by a plot where Charlie‘s daughter kisses a girl and is frustrated to find the picture posted to Facebook. That could lead to a story about a man who is used to seeing female sexual experimentation as merely existing for his titillation questioning his views when it happens to his daughter — but I suspect that’s as likely as a storyline that actually gets into anger management issues.

Wilfred (FX) 10:00 PM ET
As if being a comedy about mental illness weren’t dark enough, tonight Wilfred tries to get Ryan to behead a cat. For art. Or to prove how Ryan needs to say no to Wilfred a little more often.

Suits (USA) 10:00 PM ET
While its taken four seasons for the slashwink on White Collar to get to this point, we’re at the second season finale of Suits and we’re already getting a plot where Mike is missing just as Harvey needs him (due to that big partner vote). And where’s Mike? He’s reacting to his grandmother’s death in a way that’s pretty different from how Harvey dealt with his dad’s death.

Awkward. (MTV) 10:30 PM ET
Jake ends up trying to spread the hurt he’s feeling by using the Wheel of Pep to humiliate Jenna and Matty.

Louie (FX) 10:30 PM ET
I don’t know if tonight’s episode features the return of Liz (Parker Posey), but it does have Louie looking for Liz. However, if my celebrity ID-dar is working, it does have Chloe Sevigny.

Late Night with David Letterman (CBS) 11:35 PM ET
Kathy Griffin will be visiting Dave tonight. I hope she doesn’t bring up remixes that manage to remove a song’s catchiness.

Childrens Hospital (Adult Swim) Midnight ET
She may have missed the rapture, so she might as well tell her story — that’s right it’s time for the secret origin of The Chief.

NTSF:SD:SUV:: (Adult Swim) 12:15 AM ET
Ever wonder, “Whatever happened to the voice of Ghostface now that Scream 4 didn’t exactly revive the franchise?” From the sounds of things, he’s taken to terrorizing San Diego. Don’t worry he’s still offering riddles, though these are a little more apt for a satire of procedurals.

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