TV on Tap: “True Blood” Returns and HBO is “Open” to Wes Bentley



HBO has cast the first star of Ryan Murphy‘s human sexuality drama Open with American Beauty and Hunger Games stud Wes Bentley as a handsome but arrogant man who will tell you his theories about human sexuality given any chance.

Wes Bentley

TV Land’s upcoming sitcom Kirstie already has a Cheers reunion since it stars Kirstie Alley and Rhea Perlman. Now, Deadline reports that will be a Seinfeld reunion, too. Jason Alexander has signed up for a guest-role that could turn into a recurring character, which teams him up with Michael Richards.

An Arrested Development fighting game? Yes please. I can’t wait to play as Lucille and unleash her withering glare special move:

The ratings for ABC Family’s new dramas The Fosters and Twisted have been good. That is actually bad news if you’re hoping to see Bunheads or The Lying Game get additional episodes

Does Game of Thrones play into the nice white lady trope with the story of Daenerys? Maybe HBO could fix things by announcing they’re adapting Octavia Butler‘s Patternmaster books next.

Game of Thrones' DaenerysFree a people, go crowd surfing.

Vulture lists the year’s best oral sex O-faces on TV — with animated gifs. The list includes Scandal‘s Cyrus Beane and Behind the Candelabra‘s Scott Thorson but my favorite is how Olivia Pope looks like she figuring out work problems.

Friday’s Listings

What Would You Do? (ABC) 9:00 PM ET
While there are no GLBT-themed segments set for this week, tonight’s installment is supposed to include a preview of next week’s boy scout scenario.

Magic City (Starz) 9:00 PM ET
Last year, Starz debuted a show that was part Sopranos and part Mad Men (I like this game of mixing critically praised shows, someone make a show that’s part 30 Rock and part Breaking Bad — or part Firefly and part Wonderfalls). Initial reviews were tepid and by the end of the three preview episodes, I was a little surprised I watched the whole thing without filling the time by teaching myself to knit socks. I hear it improved quite a bit by the first season’s end, but I’m not sure if I have the energy for another cable show where the sex is so focused on appealing to the straight male gaze.

Game of Thrones' Daenerys

Continuum (Syfy) 10:00 PM ET
While Keira and Carlos work to make sure a prison transfer goes uninterrupted, Kellog makes a move to turn Alec into an ally. That still feels like a situation where “You’re both jerks. Buzz off” needs to be an option.

Maron (IFC) 10:00 PM ET
Marc gets propositioned by a fan who suggests they hook up at one of his upcoming appearances. Since the content warning for this episode only mentions language, not sexuality, this sounds like a good opportunity to take on that whole catfishing thing.

Stevie TV (VH1) 10:00 PM ET
Seeing Bryan Safi mock Andy Cohen in last week’s episode was certainly an unexpected treat. This week’s sketches include a sketch with Kim Richards which I hope will be funny to my guy without me needing to explain/admit I know anything about Kim Richards.

Strombo on CNNStrombo and Short

Stroumboulopoulos (CNN) 11:00 PM ET

So. Last week’s debut of George Stroumboulopoulos‘ U.S. talk show didn’t do well in the ratings. I missed it and didn’t include it last week’s listings. CNN’s PR team didn’t help, I didn’t see anything to remind me about Stroumboulopoulos‘ debut until the ratings news came in. I haven’t had more luck in finding a guest list for this week’s episode either. Strombo’s interviewed Martin Short but that could have happened on last week’s show.

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