Two-Bite Interview: Anthony, Shear Genius finalist

Tonight Bravo airs the finale of its coif competition Shear Genius, a show that seemed dodgy in concept (how exciting can a few dozen haircuts be, after all?) but actually delivered, thanks in part to its diverse and interesting cast of hairdressing hopefuls. We were delighted to snag a few minutes with Anthony, the final three's lone gay male (Daisy represents the lesbian ladies, of course), and pick his brain on the industry, his competitors, and the continued enigma that is Dr. Boogie. You're a definite audience favorite because of your good nature and obvious skills. And yet Tabatha — also fabulous, of course — won the viewer prize. Do you think it pays to be a little bitchy in reality television?
Anthony: I do think it pays to have an edge and Tabatha for sure has that. Tabatha was exciting to watch just to see what she was going to do next. I think people love that. She is the kind of person that stands out in your mind. A lot of people loved her because of her honesty and no-nonsense approach. I, on the other hand, was always the guy who stayed neutral and tried to get along with everyone. You have to be true to yourself and your craft.

AE: I'm sure your admirers were thrilled to learn from the reunion show that you're available, although they weren't given any indication exactly to whom you were available. Bravo had told us months ago that you are openly gay — why were you not comfortable answering the question at the reunion?
I am gay and very proud of being gay. I have lived my life openly as a gay man for most of my life. But, whether I am gay or not should have no bearing on my talent or skills. My personal life is just that – PERSONAL.

AE: Making it to the final three is amazing. Who did you have picked out from the beginning as making it? Who (besides yourself) did you want to win?
A: I picked out Tyson and Tabatha to be in the finals along with me. So you can imagine how shocked I was when they were eliminated from the competition. That was a blow to all of us. I also thought Danna had a good chance of being there as well.

AE: You made a comment about knowing better than to get on Tabatha's bad side, which was a shrewd move. Were there any other unlikely "alliances" amongst the cast? How cutthroat did it get at the loft? Were cutting shears ever wielded as weapons?
A: You would be surprised – there were some alliances. Dr. Boogie and Daisy got close. He really respected her and thought she had a lot of talent. And he did put his money on her from about half way into the competition. I am friends with Tabatha and I want to remain friends with her. She is a wonderful person, but if she does not like you, you will know about it. LOL. No cutting shears were wielded as weapons. Why would you need weapons when you have Tabatha and her mouth? That is weapon enough!

AE: How about hookups? Yes, I'm trashy like that.
Oh, you're bad. There were no hook ups between the cast members.

AE: Tell me the first word that comes to mind when I say: Sally Hirschberger
A: Talented
AE: Jaclyn Smith
A: Classy
AE: Michael Carl
A: Fun
AE: Dr. Boogie

AE: Speaking of (and finally), we asked Rene Fris to explain Dr. Boogie to America, and he had a theory about reincarnation that didn't really shed much light on the situation. Can you help?
A: Dr. Boogie is quite a character and like no one I have ever met before. I think he had a crush on Rene but did not want to admit it. LOL. I think in another life Boogie and Rene were lovers. That's my theory and I am sticking to it.

Thanks again to Anthony for his time — and we'll be rooting for him during tonight's Final Cut!

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