Two-Bite Interview: René Fris of Shear Genius

Those of you who have been tuning in to Bravo's Shear Genius over the past two months may have asked yourself, "Now, who is the guy in the tight pants who keeps telling them to 'shake it'?". We wondered the same thing, so we tracked down the slim-hipped taskmaster and subjected him to one of our Two-Bite interrogation sessions.

Readers, meet René Fris: International Man of Haircare.

AfterElton: You have a distinct accent, but it's fake right? You're really from Abilene, TX?

René Fris: Hi Hi — I wish knew more Texans, y'all. They are such good people. I am what they call a real Danish pastry. Yum.

AE: So three of the four gay men have already been cut. What's up with that? Aren't you giving them your secret hair cutting tips?

RF: Secrets. Secrets. Secrets. I have to keep things interesting. Even if I was allowed to tell my deepest and darkest, those stubborn boys always have to do things their own way.

AE: Given that Anthony is the only gay guy left, is the stereotype of gay men dominating hairstyling less than accurate?

RF: Hairstyling is an art and hair is just the artists' medium. Are all artist gay? I don't believe in stereotypes it simply makes you blind to the world around you. Open your eyes!

AE: Even though we're as gay as the ocean is deep, we're totally in love with Tabatha. Is she the most talented one on the show or would you say it's someone else?

RF: She is definitely in my top three – I still have sleepless nights as to who I think is my favorite. You just love her because she has such ATTITUDE – such a spicy mouth.

AE: Evangelin seemed convince she's going to become famous cutting hair using hedge clippers. How long do you think she is sued for cutting off someone's ear?

RF: I am calling her now to get you an appointment. If you have short hair, it might be sooner than we think.

Why do so many stylists have such horrible hair?

RF: Do they? Where are you getting your hair done? First sign to walk out the door of a hair salon – bad hair.

Finally, can you please explain Dr. Boogie to America? What's his story?

RF: Dr. Boogie was a nurse in his past life. This time he was supposed to be a doctor – but he only ended up with cutting shears. Thank God, he didn't end up with a scalpel with crystals all over it – we would have all been in real trouble.

Thanks to René for chatting with us — for more on his haircare empire, check out his website. Shear Genius airs tonight at 10 EDT, with the reunion show following immediately after.

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