Two Gay Guys: The Closeted Celebrity Edition

It's time for yet another edition of Two Gay Guys starring moi and my better half, Brent. In this week's edition we discuss Jodie Foster who is out promoting The Brave One, her new flick which hits screens this Friday. We ponder Jodie's willingness to discuss Americans' tendency toward violence, the fact she is an atheist, her friendship with Mel Gibson, and even her kids, all while refusing to mention if she shares her life with anyone romantically.

This edition also features our first guest dropping by to chat with us. I can't tell you his name as he's a closeted gay celebrity — who ironically insists he isn't closeted! Inspired by his visit, we decide that we've had it with closeted celebrities and blow the door off of Hollywood's closet. That's right — we name names! It's an audacious step to take, but someone has to do it!

But for those who loved our Brokeback Mountain reenactment (that's the guy locked up in the Missouri mental institution who thinks we're destined to be together forever) we bring you a few choice lines from The Silence of the Lambs.

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