Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney. And the Winner Is…

All hail Sterek! The ship that started an online riot when they got summarily excluded from EW.com’s recent “Couples We’re Shipping Like Crazy” poll was the very reason AfterElton decided to run a slash tournament in the first place. But Teen Wolf’s sexy alpha wolf Derek and adorable wisecracking sidekick Stiles still had to get past 31 other popular m/m slash couples. Classic pairings like Kirk/Spock, Hawaii Five-0‘s Steve & Danno, Merlin & Arthur and their biggest competition of all: Supernatural’s Dean & Castiel.

It’s been a long strange journey, but after 4.7 million votes, 4000 plus comments, hundreds of thousands of Tweets and a mountain of Tumblr postings, the boys from Teen Wolf can fairly lay claim to the title of Favorite Slash Couple, taking 57.2% of the 573,288 votes cast in the championship round.

We reached out to Teen Wolf Executive Producer Jeff Davis (@JeffDavis75) and asked if he was surprised by Sterek’s big win. Says Jeff…

Not only am I surprised by the popularity of Sterek, but I have to say I’m overwhelmed by the tenacity and passion that it obviously required to win. I can imagine Sterek fans up all night at their computers voting again and again to see their favorite ship win, even the ones who maybe had to briefly sacrifice their love of Destiel. Teen Wolf fans in general are superfans, but the Stereks are no doubt the Alphas of the fandom. Thank you so much for the support!

We here at AfterElton would like to take a moment to also thank all of the slash fans who made this tourney such a major event. We assumed that as the early voting rounds completed and the field narrowed down to just a few slash pairings that interest would start to wane. Instead, the reverse happened. Shippers who saw their initial favorites defeated transferred allegiances to one or the other of the finalists. And while there was some light-hearted trash talk going on via the comment threads and social media, most people seemed to understand that it really wasn’t about who won; the tournament was a celebration of – and yes, validation of – slash fandom itself, and the overall goodwill was palpable.

We’d also like to thank the various actors and show runners who got involved, rallying the fans not only for the slash couples they were connected to – but for the poll generally.

White Collar’s executive producer Jeff Eastin might have been first out of the gate, encouraging fans to support of Neal & Peter.

There was John Barrowman who gave a shout out to AfterElton’s tourney while guest hosting Attack of the Show. And lobbied shamelessly on behalf of Doctor Who/Captain Jack while he was at it! (It almost goes without saying, but we love Barrowman around here. In fact, he was runner-up in our Gay Man of the Decade contest a few years back Memo to NPH: Watch your back. It’s technically a new decade and Barrowman has been seriously wooing our readers!)

We also heard from actor David Hewlett of Stargate Atlantis fame. He took to Twitter to plug McShep, propelling that underdog pairing all the way to the third round where it nearly took out big dog Destiel.

The final round match-up between Sterek and Destiel brought out Supernatural’s Misha Collins. One single tweet from Castiel himself triggered an avalanche of votes, putting Destiel in the lead.

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