Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney – Round One Voting!

Update: This round of voting has closed – voting is now open for Round 2!

Holy toledo! When we announced this poll and asked readers to nominate their favorite male fantasy slash couples, we had no idea that so many people would be into it. Our request for nominations received over seven hundred comments, making it our most commented upon post for the year – eclipsing even our annual Hot 100. You guys and gals really like your slash!

We sifted through your hundreds of nominations and came up with the 32 male subtextual, non-canonical “couples” that seemed to be most prominent. Unfortunately, there wasn’t room for everyone. Like these “Sterek” guys for instance – they didn’t quite make the cut. Sorry about that, but we really admire your passion.


Of course Sterek is included. And Merthur, and Johnlock, and Destiel and dozens of others. But do try to go easy on us if we somehow missed one of your favorites. (Hey, we got raked over the coals last week just for referring to Hawaii Five-O‘s Steve and Danno as “Stanno” rather than “McDanno” – so we know people can be pretty intense about their slash obsessions!)

Please note, we’re defining “slash couple” narrowly to mean only non-canonical male couples. The 32 fantasy male couples competing here currently exist only in subtext, slashwink, and the alternate universe of slash. That means actual textual gay couples, like Klaine or Queer as Folk‘s Brian & Justin are not included in this poll. Also, we’re leaving popular femslash couples (Glee‘s Faberry, Rizzoli & Isles, etc.) to our sisters over at AfterEllen. So if you love the ladies, be sure and check out AfterEllen’s Ultimate Femslash Madness Tournament!

And now a word about voting: We’ve arranged the 32 contenders into brackets. The first round of voting has 16 contests, each with two couples squaring off against one another. You vote on which of the two couples in each bracket you prefer. Voting for this round closes next Friday at midnight eastern. Next week, the 16 winners from Round One will advance to Round Two, and so on until we get to the end and can crown the Ultimate Slash Madness Champion.

How long will your favorites stay in the competition? That’s entirely up to you!

Voting starts below….


Division A

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