Exclusive: Walt’s Wedding Lament on Tonight’s “Carrie Diaries”

Brendan Dooling AnnaSophia Robb The Carrie Diaries

Our friends over at The CW sent us this preview clip from tonight’s episode of The Carrie Diaries, “This Is the Time”. It features young Walt coming to terms with being gay and lamenting that it means the end of his dreams of marriage, kids and a lavish wedding. (The show is set in the mid-eighties so the kid can be forgiven for being so pessimistic!)

For those (few) who might not be familiar, the series is a prequel to Sex and the City exploring Carrie Bradshaw’s teen years. Only 13 episodes were ordered for season 2. With no subsequent back end order, it’s likely the show has been defacto canceled, but we probably won’t know its fate for sure until May when The CW announces their fall 2014 schedule.

If it has indeed been canceled and ends after next week’s episode, it’s a shame because the series has made great use of it’s eighties height-of-the-AIDS-scare NYC setting and the character Walt (played by talented Brendan Dooling). His journey has been a great vehicle to explore just how difficult life historically has been LGBT kids– and a reminder of just how far we’ve come in the last few decades. To us, his relationship with Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) has felt like the heart of the show.

The Carrie Diaries, “This Is the Time” airs tonight at 8:00pm ET on The CW


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