Vote for the 2009 Hot 100!

Spring is most definitely in the air and naturally that means every gay guy’s attention is turning to … the Hot 100! That’s right, today the polls are officially open as we invite you to tell us about the men you find to be the most smokin’ hot.

Response in previous years has been overwhelming with tens of thousands of guys casting votes for hundreds of the hottest men. And the world is taking notice! Last year mainstream newspapers, blogs, radio stations and even TV shows from around the U.S. and overseas picked
up the results, because apparently everyone is interested in who
gay and bisexual men find attractive!

As a society, we’re constantly bombarded with who straight folks find hot in magazines such as People Magazine and Sports Illustrated, events such as the Miss America pageant and in dozens of online polls and articles. But the Hot 100 is all about telling the world who
gay and bi men think are sexy — and even with all the increased
visibility we’ve had in the last decade, that’s still a little bit

Now it’s time to submit your votes for this year’s Hot 100 — cast your votes for the 10 men you think are the hottest guys
on the planet. They can be gay or straight, young or old, and of any
race or nationality — basically, any man who turns you on.

The guy
with the most votes will be No. 1, the guy with the second highest
number of votes will be No. 2, and so on down the list (which means it
doesn’t matter in what order you list the names in the form below).

Voting will stay open until midnight this Friday night, April 24th, and then we’ll publish the results on Monday, May 11th.
To keep you entertained in between, we’ll feature one of the 100 on the
blog each weekday from April 27th to May 8th, and you can guess where he
landed on the list.

And this year we’re trying something new by adding companion polls asking for submissions in the following categories: Hottest Out Gay Men, Hottest Men of Color, and Hottest Men Over 40. And yes, you can nominate someone for more than one list.

To submit up to 5 nominees in each of these separate polls (either before or after completing your Hot 100 submissions below) just click on the relevant link…

Note that guys in these categories are also eligible for the main poll and no doubt many guys will make both lists. So feel free to vote for your hottest out gay gay in both relevant categories.

One request: So that we can get a true picture of who gay men find attractive, please don’t vote more than once.
We’ve set up the form to count only the last vote from a specific IP
address, so ballot stuffing will be wasted effort, anyway. And if you
submit the same name 10 times, it will only count once, so don’t try
that either! (We’re on to you gay men and your tricky ways!) Please nominate each person by their full name (e.g. "Jane Smith, not "Jane" or "Jane S.") and spell it correctly.

For those of you having trouble remembering all the possible guys to vote for, here are Hot 100 from 2007, the Hot 100 from 2008, as well as the 37 Hottest Theater Guys

Also, while we love and appreciate our female readers — straight, lesbian and bi — this list is about who gay and bisexual men find attractive, so we’re asking you to sit this one out. But feel free to use the comments to tell us which guys you would’ve voted for. In fact, everyone should feel free to post their choices in their comments. You can even lobby for your favorites!


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