Voting now open in 1st Annual Primetime Visibility Awards

Hello, and welcome to the glamorous Friends of Dorothy Chandler Pavilion for the 1st
Annual Primetime Visibility Awards nominee ceremony. The
staff at spend a lot of time watching television. We also spend a
lot of time watching awards shows – they don’t call the Oscars the Gay
Superbowl for nothing.

Oddly, we realized that these two passions rarely intersect. Why do the two meet so infrequently? Because out gay actors and gay characters rarely
get nominated for those fancy statues.

Sure, they let us hand them out. Ellen got to host the
Emmy ceremony, and this year Neil Patrick Harris takes his turn at the podium, but
really, that just makes us the party planners, doesn’t it? Hosts with the most?

We’re going to change that this year.

We’ve pulled together our own nominees in the most important
television categories (and maybe made up a few along the way), and we’re going to let the coolest,
smartest, most attractive people we know do the voting – you! Think of it as the Gay Emmy Awards, and you’re the voting academy.

Voting will be open until midnight September 15th. Then Thursday September
17th, we’ll let you know who you think the brightest TV stars in our gay
universe are. This is all to get you excited for our Emmy livechat during the
ceremony on September 20th, where we see who those uncool folks in
Hollywood picked for their less important awards – and then mock them for their bad taste.

After you cast your ballots we encourage you to lobby for particular nominees in the
comments. And we’re sure you’ll also take time to tell us which of your
favorites we failed to nominate. We’re cool with that – there are always
special achievement awards that we can throw as bones.

So without further ado, let’s get to our first category…

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