“Warehouse 13″ The Living And The Dead

Steve and Claudia try to save Artie, and Pete’s forehead is abused.


Bad stuff happened.

“Whatever the effects of the Astrolabe, I’m afraid it’s caused Arthur to have some kind of psychotic break.”
“Stop Right There!”
“Artie, we can help you!”
“When Artie used the Astrolabe, it turned him evil.”
“Who are you?”
“You’re in my way.”
“A vibe. I just got hit by a big one.”
“The deadliest artifact in Warehouse 8 was a strange blue orchid that released a deadly disease called English Sweating Sickness. I think Artie is going to use the dagger to open the container and get the orchid”
“He’ll release an epidemic that potentially could wipe out half the world’s population.”
“I know you’re still in there. I know you can hear me!”
“Save me.”
“I cast you out!”
“Claudia, No!”

Really bad stuff.

We start off with Artie in the B&B, playing piano and having a lovely vision of Leena, who of course is now officially a member of the Gone Too Soon Club, and is in Sci-Fi/Fantasy Heaven clubbing with Ianto, and comparing the hotness of Pete and Captain Jack. Oh look! There’s Tasha Yar hitting on Ned Stark again. What a space tramp!

Best Friends Forever! Literally!

Suddenly, we’re jarred back to reality, and are now on a medi-copter heading back to the Warehouse. Artie is unconscious and still impaled with the dagger, as Pete, Myka, and a devastated Claudia (who’s gingerly holding Artie’s glasses) can’t bear to look at their fallen father-figure.

Back at the Warehouse, Artie is taken away while Mrs. Fredric intones, “We must deal with the release of the sickness. Every person on the planet is now at risk. We have a great deal of work to do.” Unfortunately for the planet, Mrs. Fredric can’t deal with this problem with her usual “I’m Throwing A Look That Will Cause Everyone In My Line Of Sight To Crap Their Pants” way.

Try as she might.

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