“Warehouse 13″ Episode 303 Picture Recap: “The Shirt Off My Back”

Warehouse 13 continues to be just as fun and frothy as ever, but has upped the ante with the addition of Aaron Ashmore, whose Steve Jinks has brought a fresh perspective to the show.

This week brought us Pete’s reaction to Steve’s coming-out (it was very … Pete), as well as guest appearances from sci-fi legends Lindsay Wagner and RenĂ© Auberjonois.

Oh, and watch closely in the closing minute for an appearance from an AE favorite (sans tattoos and knives).

Victim #1. Um , let me guess. Donatella Versace‘s cursed compact?

That sound you just heard is millions of gay boys squeeing at the same time.

“Artie … you’ve shaved your eyebrows. And your clothes are clean. And you’ve put on cologne. A-Ha! You’re going to go see your lady friend, and Warehouse physician, Dr. Vanessa!”

“She is not my lady friend! She’s a friend who happens to be a lady. A heavenly lady. A veritable angel. Um, I mean she’s a colleague! Nothing more than that!”

“Ow, I’ve never had a lie actually hurt before!”
*Actual Steve Quote

“I’m going with you. There’s no room for me in this episode’s “B” story.”

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