“Warehouse 13″ Episode 401 Recap: Time Will Tell


We pick things up right where we left off. The Warehouse is destroyed, Steve, Mrs. Fredric and H.G. are dead, and Pete, Myka and Artie are standing amidst the ruins. Pete and Myka have quick flashbacks to happier times, but the enormity of what’s happened finally hits.

“But … who will I have subtext with now?”

“They make me keep my shirt on this episode.”

Thankfully, Artie still has James MacPherson’s Pocket Watch, which should mean he can turn back time, (or at the very least get some ooh’s and aah’s on Antiques Roadshow), but Artie explains that the watch is only the key to what might be a fail safe device for the Warehouse.

It gets worse, though, when Artie realizes that the explosion has ripped apart the supposedly impenetrable (something-something) chamber, and the artifact inside has been compromised. Rushing back to Leena‘s, they find out that Mrs. Fredric bit the dust … literally, and Artie explains that she and the Warehouse were organically linked, and when the Warehouse was destroyed, so was she. The agents bicker back and forth about what to do, with everyone (except Myka, who is always the Debbie Downer) convinced that their only hope is the watch.

“As long as there’s a chance I can see my BFF again. Or his identical twin.”

Unfortunately, Artie isn’t even sure how the watch is used, and doesn’t know what the “downside” (every artifact has one) is, but he realizes they have no choice when he turns on the TV and sees a horrifying vision … Ed Schultz, who is yakking about financial meltdowns, worldwide riots and sad people.

Stay tuned for Rachel Maddow on Alphas.

Artie explains that the destruction of the Warehouse has affected more than just Pete’s porn collection. You see, inside that impenetrable (something-something) chamber was an artifact with the potential to destroy the world. Pandora’s Box!

“I’m unleashed, bitches!”

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