“Warehouse 13″ Episode 405 Recap: No Pain, No Gain


This week’s episode has the rare distinction of having A,B, and C stories, with Artie teaming up with Steve, Mrs. Fredric mentoring Claudia, and Pete and Myka … facing an unplanned pregnancy?

But let’s start at the beginning …

“What do you mean we just fulfilled someone’s Mothra fantasy?”

After a nifty opening involving magic pinwheels, glowing briefcases, and Claudia and Myka as geisha girls, we get down to business.

Artie orders Myka and Pete to Toronto (saving a bundle on traveling expenses) to check out a hockey player who mysteriously has his injuries healed during home games. There may be artifact juju involved. They enlist the help of the team owner, who is a dead ringer for Matthew Perry on that show he did about a guy who owned a hockey rink or something.

“Could I BE more similar?”

They meet the hockey player (Mike, played by Canadian actor Mike Dopud), who Myka takes an instant attraction/revulsion to. They spray down all of his personal effects, including the gold chain around his neck and his “penis guard,” but are stymied. Until they take a look at his x-rays, and discover that, as Pete puts it, “his arm is being held together with the artifact equivalent of spit and glue,” Not just his arm, but his entire body, and when they see that a shower fight has left him in pain, they realize that it’s likely that he’s not using an artifact, but an artifact is being used against him.

“He’s naked in there, and besides, I already checked his chain.”
*Actual Myka Quote

Before they set out to find the real culprit, Myka realizes she has a spark with Mike when he mention’s Mozart‘s Magic Flute, prompting this classic Pete-ism: “Could we get going? You can play Mike’s magic flute later.” Actually this episode if heavy on the Pete-isms and one liners. As they’re leaving, he drops this gem: “Get me some popcorn and a tampon because I am watching a romantic comedy.” At least he’s figured out his role, because he does a pretty good snap-in-the-air as Myka’s RomCom “sassy best friend.”

“That pervy recapper Googled me to see if I had ever done any nude scenes.”

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