“Warehouse 13″ Episode 406 Recap: The Gay Holy Grail


This week starts of with a sweet and smile-inducing opening. Steve is frustrated that he’s only halfway through the “A” artifacts, and still hasn’t found any clue that will help him get off the metronome. Artie reassures him that they will find a way, and tells him he should the enlist the aid of a girl “with a bit of punk rock flair, maybe with a bit of goth.” OMG, you mean …

Oh wait, he’s talking about Claudia. Steve reminds him that if Claudia finds out that he’s trying to disconnect himself from the metronome, she’ll just try to stop him. Besides, their relationship has been awkward and uncomfortable since she felt his prick, and he’s been trying to gather the courage to broach the subject.

What happens in the Warehouse … stays in the Warehouse.

Artie is a bit preoccupied, though. He’s on his way to meet Vanessa (Lindsay Wagner), and he’s going to take the next step in their relationship and ask her to move in with him. This elicits some funny and loving jabs from the gang, and it’s a reminder of what a warm and real family unit these characters have become. Artie bids the gang farewell, and … we plunge headfirst down the rabbit hole.

“Don’t be yourself!”
*Actual Claudia quote

This episode continues the “Undoing-Artie’s-Life-Work” arc, as we visit a church thrift store and meet the timid, demure shopgirl Kristin. Well, until she visit’s the storeroom and discovers their newest acquisition, a full length mirror, which also happens to be this week’s artifact.

The mirror houses an entity that can only be described as “Orphan” crossed with “Kristin Stewart at 3 A.M.” It possesses her body and turns her from innocent to slutty, and she cold cocks the shop owner, then takes off speeding down the street, where her car is hit by a truck as she tries to release her décolletage. Or as it’s commonly known, “Lindsay Lohan on her way to work.” Zing!

“I have to stop doing my makeup in the car.”

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