“Warehouse 13″ Episode 409 Recap: The Ones You Love


I was afraid something like this was going to happen. A few weeks back, AE reader Fred commented:

“Has anyone else … … in the Warehouse, besides Artie, actually layed eyes on Fr. Adrian? Just speculating.”

And Miz Liz expanded on that with:

“Now that you mention it, Claudia and Steve only saw Brother Adrian from the waist down. I think this is a great theory, and not just because it works really well with my Twitter comment about Brother Adrian being the only evil thing unleashed by Artie. It does seem that he’s only appeared when Artie was on his own, and it would certainly explain how he was able to steal all those highly secure artifacts. And wouldn’t an evil unimaginable to Artie be that he’d be the one to bring down the warehouse and release its contents on the world?”

With Adrian constantly warning Artie he would be “creating an evil of his own doing,” it makes sense that the harbinger himself is that evil.

“Ha-Ha! I’m just a figment.”

We begin in the belly of the Warehouse, as Artie is trying to keep track of the artifacts that have been stolen, and once again, he’s visited by “Brother Adrian,” who again threatens him with “evil” and “destruction” if he doesn’t reverse the astrolabe.

Artie fights him off, and right before Pete and Myka come running to help, Adrian whispers in Artie’s ear that he will punish all of Artie’s loved ones, and this time Artie wouldn’t be able to stop him.

“… and that’s why Counselor Troi had her license revoked.”

As they agents investigate this latest “breach” in security, Claudia discovers that whoever sent off Alice’s Looking Glass also sent unknown artifacts to Yuma, Arizona, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Menlo Park, California. AKA, where Pete’s ex-wife, Myka’s sister, and Claudia’s hot brother are located. I was so hoping that Dr. Vanessa would be involved so we could see “Ojai, California” pop up, but I’m guessing Max The Bionic Dog is now just dust and circuits somewhere.

Each of the agents leave to save their loved ones before the mysterious artifacts can kill them, leaving Artie alone in the Warehouse with … Leena. I guess Leena doesn’t have loved ones anywhere in the world to threaten. If I were her, I’d be insulted. Come to think of it, in all the time the show has been on the air, we’ve never learned that much about Leena’s history and background (hell, it was only recently that I discovered that her full name is not, in fact, Leena Sbedandbreakfast), and she remains the most mysterious (albeit perky) of the warehouse personnel.

Celebrate The Moments Of Your Life

Let’s start with Myka, who heads off to Colorado to see her sister Tracy, with whom she has a friendly/strained/competitive/distant kind of relationship. Tracy is pregnant and has been showered with baby gifts … any of which could be an artifact. As Myka tries to surreptitiously (but clumsily) find the object, Tracy tries various ways to murder her, which i’m pretty sure is artifact related. Then again … they are sisters.

It inevitably ends with Tracy pulling out a butcher knife, Myka trying to disarm her, and the sisters hashing out a lifetime of resentment while trying not to be killed. It also leads to my favorite line of the night, when Tracy grabs Myka by her oft-discussed tresses, and Myka screams out, “My Hair!” Tracy responds with “You and your hair! ‘I like it curly. I like it straight’ Make a decision!” Considering how many forum posts are dedicated to that very argument, it’s obviously a shoutout from TPTB.

With help from Pete, they discover that the artifact is a piece of old-timey cord used in a ribbon hat, and after they cut the cord, Tracy is freed from its spell.

“And don’t get me started on all that subtext teasing!”

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