“Warehouse 13″ Parks and Rehabilitation


“And sure, he may suck the filling out of all the eclairs, but we’ve learned to live with it.”

We begin with a hearing held by the Grand High Regent Poobahs to decide Artie‘s fate. Pete (who’s looking indescribably adorable all cleaned up in a suit), gives an impassioned speech about how the Warehouse couldn’t survive without Artie, and he helpfully provides some exposition about the whole Astrlolabe story.

He needn’t have worried, though, as the Regents have decided not to punish Artie. Leena knew the risks of working there, and they know there’s no way Artie would have done what he did if he wasn’t affected by an outside influence. Artie protests, wanting to be punished, but Regent Kosan tells him that his real punishment is going to be trying to live with what he’s done. Indeed, Artie hears that voice in his head intoning, “An evil that will live with you for the rest of your days.” Oh, f*ck off, Data.

You know Claudia is in serious mode when she wears her eggplant suit.

Meanwhile, Claudia (who’s rocking her Yvonne Craig as Barbara Gordon look) and Steve are relegated to the kid’s table version of the hearing, and is perplexed when the Regents don’t bring up the “I cast the evil out” moment she had with Artie.

Back at the Warehouse, Artie disappears into the stacks, and Myka and Pete decide the best course of action is to leave him alone for now. And Claudia has run off to the B&B, and seems to be avoiding the warehouse … or Artie. Myka is concerned, but Pete tells her “Like you’ve been saying, we just need to keep moving. Besides, I’m sure some scary artifact thing will come up before we can say ‘ping'”.

This one will do.

Maybe posing for Zombie Garden Statue was not the best career move.

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