“Warehouse 13″ 5.01 Recap: The Beginning Of The End

Thankfully, Myka and Artie are able to wrest control of the Warehouse from Paracelsus (it’s a bit sketchy, but I think it had something to do with Johnny Cash and a “Burning ring of fire” or something, but that could be wrong). Claudia is back to normal, and she tells them of Para’s plan, which involves H.G. Wells Time Machine and three specific artifacts, a telescope, a pocketwatch, and a sundial.

Artie is able to deduce that Para is going back in time for nefarious reasons, but the gang is unable to stop him before he travels through the time portal. Seconds after he disappears, the Warehouse starts to change, becoming a high-tech, futuristic version of itself. Whatever Para wanted to do, he accomplished it, because the signs around the new Warehouse state that he has been the sole Caretaker of all of Warehouses since #9. Luckily, Artie gave the gang fork artifacts from Louis XIV, that are able to keep them from changing with the time shift.


They quickly realize that Para has turned the Warehouses into houses of horrors of scientific research and experimentation, using the artifacts on human test subjects. Steve, Myka, and Artie race off to try to create another time machine, while Claudia and Pete try to find the computer hub, which might tell them where Para traveled to in time.

They make a horrifying discovery (there are a lot of those this episode), when they notice some drone soldiers marching in lockstep through the corridors. They’re all fitted with the same mind-controlling doohickeys, which means that Para has been replicating artifacts to create an army of unstoppable super soldiers, or as Pete puts it, “Oh man, they have Borgs here? Why does the creepy killer’s Warehouse get to be cooler than ours?”


What’s worse, they observe Para’s main henchman, their old (and dead in their time frame) adversary Benedict Valda (Mark Sheppard), or as he’s better known …


The two teams both come across horrif … terrifying scenes. Myka, Artie, and Steve witness a man being tortured with artifacts (which reminds Artie of the stories about the camps during the war), and Pete and Claudia meet this time frame’s Abigail, who’s hooked up to wires and tubes, transformed into a human computer.

Claudia is able to pinpoint the exact date that Para time warped to, and meeting up with the others, they set the time machine and prepare to enter the portal. Artie provides a diversion by giving himself up to the guards, while Myka and Pete head through, as Claudia and Steve are tasked to make sure the portal stays open for their return.


Arriving back in 1541, Pete and Myka immediately run afoul of Warehouse 9 Agent Lisa Da Vinci (Rebecca Mader), who is the granddaughter of Leonardo, and blames them for the array of dead bodies strewn about.

Thanks to an artifact mirror that shows them recent events, Pete and Myka are able to convince Lisa that Para is responsible for all the death and destruction, and they head over to stop him before he can kill this time period’s Regents. They’re almost too late, as Para has used an elephant tusk to literally start squeezing the life out of the Warehouse 9 leaders.

Lisa is able to save the day when she blows a whistle, which calls this time period’s answer to purple goo … a giant purple bird named Isabella, who swoops down and grabs the tusk, neutralizing it. Wait … what? Pete and Myka give chase to Para.

Meanwhile, Artie is in the torture chair, with present day Para about to show him why this era has had so many scientific advances, and he brings in his special team of doctors to help … Vanessa and Hugo!


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