“Warehouse 13:” The Big Snag


“If she mentions how hot her brother is one more time …”

We get things started with the Warehouse’s own Wayland & Madam performing a reverse psychology skit in hopes of luring Artie back into the field to help get his mind off the dead Dead Leena, who’s dead.

It seems that classic cars are mysteriously vanishing from locked garages, but it’s probably just common thefts, right? Surely Artie wouldn’t be interested in investigating these simple burglaries? Even though the whole situation pings for an artifact, why bother?

Of course this goads Artie into action, and he agrees to go investigate … alone. This sends Claudia and Steve scrambling for excuses to accompany him, everything from “We want to see the cool hot rods, ” to “We want to learn with the master,” to “It’s what Dead Leena would want.” Okay, they don’t use that line, but they should definitely keep that Ace card for the right occasion.

There’s no caption I can think of that would not get me in trouble

The trio head to a suspicious car dealership, where they’re approached by a sales associate who enters about two minutes after her décolletage, and then they confront the dealership owner, whose agonizing Italian accent disappears when Artie uses the Tesla to destroy a potted plant, and threatens that the expensive cars will be next.

This garners a worried look from Steve. Hmmm ..

The owner spills everything he knows. He does have a guy who gets him any car he needs. He wires money into a Cayman account with car requests, and then he gets an anonymous e-mail telling him where to pick up his car. Claudia hacks into the guy’s computer and discovers that they can’t do anything until the phantom thief makes a withdrawal. But Jinksy has a plan. They instruct the owner to ask the thief for a specific make of car that’s only in town for tonight, and they’ll be waiting for him when he shows up. Unfortunately for Artie, that specific car is the new love of his life, “Scarlett.”

“And that ends the headlight demonstration.”

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