Watch and Discuss: Does IKEA Score Again With This Bisexual-Themed Ad?

For those times you can’t hide under the bed.

IKEA is no stranger to treating same-sex couples as equals in their advertising. They even ran a great commercial in the United States with the narrator telling a woman assembling a chest she could buy some new clothes, go out to a club and "meet a nice man. Or woman. I don’t judge."

But this new campaign running in Germany and Austria is a whole new level.

Here’s the setup: Hubert and Susi stumble through the door of an apartment tearing at their clothes. Hubert tosses Susi on the table as his pants fall around his ankles. And that’s when they hear the door open.

The natural reveal would be Hubert’s wife or Susi’s husband entering the apartment. But when Hubert stuffs Susi into his big IKEA Florian cabinets, you realize the handsome bald man with the groceries is Hubert’s husband, not Susi’s. It’s delightfully subversive, and easily one of the most memorable commercials in years.

Some are saying that the commercial reinforces stereotypes that bisexuals cheat, but really, people of all sexualities cheat. The gender switch just makes it memorable. 

There’s a Facebook page supporting the relationship of the male couple, plus pictures of how Hubert met Susi. Add in the fact that there’s a matching Facebook campaign drawing you into the relationship, and it’s obvious that they’re trying to take the ad viral. Will we get to meet Hubert’s husband? Does he know Hubert is bi? Will we see the fallout? Will he find Susi when he goes to put away the canned peas?

Groceries go in the cabinet – maybe she should have hid under the IKEA bed? 

One thing is certain, this line from Torch Song Trilogy has finally been addressed, "I’d like to see a bisexual who lived with his boyfriend and then saw his girlfriend on the sly."

What do you think? Like it? Hate it? Could it run in the U.S.? (h/t to reader 21Things)

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