Watch and Discuss: Football Association’s Anti-Homophobia Video

In this case, context doesn’t matter.

The Football Association in the UK has long been criticized for not doing more to combat homophobia from fans. A six month project to produce a video on the subject was due to premiere this Friday at Wembley Stadium. That was abruptly shelved last week.

Out former NBA star John Amaechi called the video an "expletive-laden rant" and activist Peter Tatchell has said that it wasn’t what he was expecting.

I’m torn. It really does get to the heart of the problem in a graphic manner. There’s nothing like showing someone how bad they look to change behavior. But is it something you can play in a football stadium, with families and kids?

Watch, and then discuss. But we want to stress, the language is not safe for work. Seriously NSFW.

Hit, miss, other?

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