Watch “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Episode 04, Season 5: “No Rupologies”

Guest judge Travis Wall helps the queens choreograph the history of Ru‘s life, leading to a shocking elimination.

How in the HELL can you be a drag queen and not know who Diana Ross is? I don’t care how young you are or where you’re from, that is INEXCUSABLE!

As for the first-of-its-kind double elimination, I felt bad for Vivienne, who was clearly out of her depth here, but Honey Mahogany deserved to sashay away. That was probably the worse Miss Ross I’ve ever seen, and as was pointed out by everyone, her line of caftans are ugly and shapeless.

What did you think of the double elimination?

Check out last night’s episode.

Here’s last night’s Untucked, as Alyssa sets her sights on a new target … Jade.

Looking for a shady recap of last night’s shenanigans? Pandora Boxx has you covered with her weekly videocap…

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