Watch “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Episode 09, Season 5: Drama Queens

The competition gets spicy as the queens star in a sexy Latin telenovela acting challenge

The queens have to team up to act in a telenovela with guest star Wilmer Valderrama (who basically plays dead the entire time). This challenge would seem like a sure-fire bet for Jinkx, and sure enough, she kills it. And she takes a huge gamble with her Día de los muertos look, but it pays off, and she becomes the first queen to win two challenges.

Not so lucky is Alyssa, who completely flubs the telenovela (Michelle nails it when she calls it “Dracula), and things get worse on the runway when Santino calls her oufit “the worst dress in five seasons of his show.”

Alyssa was a shoo-in for the bottom two, but who would she be joined by? Detox? Don’t be silly. Of course it was going to end up Alyssa Vs. Coco, it was pre-ordained from day one. There was no way they were going to let this feud end without a lip-synch. When the dust clears, Alyssa sashays away. Frankly, I’d rather have seen Coco go, as Alyssa at least provides entertainment value.

Oh, Alyssa. I will miss your bizarre over-self-confidence and Toni Colette realness.

Check out last night’s episode.

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