Watch “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Episode 10, Season 5: Super Troopers

The dolls get patriotic, as they are paired up with gay veterans for a drag runway makeover.

It’s the makeover episode! But first the queens have to compete in the mini-challenge, which involves working out … in heels and padded bras. Alaska wins, and gets to pair up the queens with the gay vets they have to makeover. She pairs herself up what tallest and prettiest, but it ends up backfiring, while Jinkx gets the oldest (and most interesting) vet, who has stories to tell about Judy Garland.

Meanwhile, Detox gets the hunkiest marine, who is also adorably nelly, but the way the camera lingers on his beefcake is just … disgusting

Detox and Coco are in the bottom two, and after four appearances at the bottom, there’s no way Coco can survive yet another lip-synch. But she deserved to be eliminated for doing … this … to her vet. Michelle had the line of the night when she appropriately described it as “It was like Frida Kahlo. One giant eyebrow walking down the stage.”

Oh, Coco, I will miss your …. well, bless your heart.

Check out last night’s episode.

Here’s last night’s Untucked, where we meet Detox’s family, and Coco gets one more chance to throw shade at Jinkx. But “no disrespect.”.

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